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General questions
IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. It is a basically a way of receiving television channels via the internet as opposed to through a satellite dish or cable. As you are using the internet to receive these channels, you will need a download speed of at least 3-5Mbps to avoid buffering. If you have broadband it is highly likely you already have this download speed
There are payment methods on the main page. Payment is made through PayPal, either via your own PayPal account or credit card.
You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay via credit card. If you do not have a credit card, it's suggested that you create a PayPal account and attach it to your bank account for ease-of-payment. Alternatively, you can send an E-Transfer to Once payment is received, you will be set up with a box and your subscription.
No, all you need is high-speed internet and an ethernet cable or a USB Wi-Fi dongle.
Please understand that we have zero control over any of the feeds on any of the servers. We are simply given access to connect your device to the server to receive service from 3rd party service providers. Keep in mind that every channel and every feed has to be streamed from multiple offshore servers worldwide to get to you. Because of this complexity, sometimes the connections are not stable due to weather, storms, or satellite outages. The service provider knows about the channel outages as soon as they happen and always works to resolve problems in a timely fashion. Please be patient and check in on the channel as it will eventually be resolved.
The best way to explain this and the complexity of how your IPTV service is delivered, is by understanding how the service works. A channel is recorded live and the feed is immediately resent over the internet. There are always variables in streaming anything especially in IPTV service. There are several factors that could cause this. The source of the feed could have frozen. The path the feed took through the internet could have had problems. Your own internet connection might have had a momentary blip, or even your own internal connection could experience packet loss to a small degree depending on your setup. Because of all these factors, the servers cannot guarantee the availability of any channel or any feed based on how many factors are involved that are completely out of our control. We also recommend using a good VPN that improves your routing and traffic.
Sometimes you may experience buffering due to low internet speed, high internet traffic . If you experience buffering press "pause" for 10-15 seconds and resume, most of the time that will eliminate the need to buffer.
Sometimes you may experience buffering due to low internet speed, high internet traffic . If you experience buffering you can change the settings to add buffer time. This clears up most viewing problems.
Approximately 800 - 1500 Live TV and VOD channels, the figure can vary slightly as new channels are added.
The service works stably with minimum download speed of 3-5 Mbps, while 10 Mbps should be the perfect ideal. Most people with broadband will have the right download speed. To check your broadband connection, click here Link will open in a new browser tab.
The factory box only comes with Ethernet connection, but you can use a WiFi Dongle (antennae) sold separately for wireless internet.
In high quality, practically the standard quality shows like micro HD and in most cases as good as or better than your cable or satellite picture quality.
Yes, as long as the channels are streamed in HD, you reveive them in HD. You will know which channels are in HD when you look at the preview pane or the current now-playing list. The channel list will have HD beside them.
Yes you can set up password protection to restrict any channel you wish. Simply press the home key on the remote then the RPP button. Next, press the 4 digit lock code you wish to use and the channel will now be set up to only be viewed when your lock code is entered. To remove restrictions, just repeat the above step. Adult channels are locked by default. Please ask us for the default code.
A list of local (Southern Alberta) channels in English has been set up for you. The list also includes all sports channels available. Click here for the channel list. Unfortunately, we cannot at this time provide a daily guide for programming.
You can watch the programming on the MAG254 IPTV set top box ANYWHERE in the world. All you need is internet access and of course a TV or computer. It takes only 2 minutes to setup, as it is plug and play. No satellite dish antennae and NO professional installation needed.
It is guaranteed to operate 99.9% of the time.
Yes, you can choose to subscribe for services on a 6-month or yearly basis. See our subscription packages.
Yes, we ship through the U.S and Canada.

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