Wrestle Talk Radio 12-15-13

Everyone can do with a little TLC and on Wrestle Talk Radio, we’re no different, just not the TLC you think. On this week’s edition, join hosts Mase, Omega , Lindsey and Sir Rockin as they give their immediate reactions and insights into WWE’s ‘Tables, Ladders and Chairs’ PPV as soon as it went off the air. They looked at how far Dolph Ziggler has fallen, the assault of the Miz by Kofi Kingston on the Star panel, the hot open of CM Punk/Shield with another vicious spear by Roman but to his own man, the excellent booking of following that with an AJ promo and then AJ/Natalya for the DIva Title, the Fatal Fourway elimination for the Tag Titles that saw some great work by one Golddust, the coming out party of the Wyatt Family and some great work with Daniel Bryan and the Championsip unification that saw one man leave with both belts and one left with only a faceful of table. All this, plus WTR staples: Great Debate and Quick Hits. So, join us and tune into this week’s edition of WTR, brought to you by PWMania.com and MemLandPromo.com!

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