Book Review: WWE: 100 Greatest Matches

Every WWE Fan has that particular match that made them fall in love with WWE. You can also probably ask any WWE fan to name their top ten favorite matches and while that list may lead to some hard decisions, putting the list together can easily be done. The task of putting together one hundred matches, that’s a whole different sort of task, which is the premise of the new WWE Book from DK Publishing titled WWE: 100 Greatest Matches.

The way the book is put together it features One Hundred of the Greatest Matches in the entire history of WWE going all the way back to the 1970’s. When putting together this list it would have been easy to look at WWE’s biggest shows, Wrestlemania & Summerslam and put together a list just featuring matches from those shows. While the book features matches from those events, there are a lot more matches from all WWE shows, which really makes this a complete collection of the Greatest WWE Matches.

How the book is structure, each match is broken down in three different categories, The Build Up, The Match & The Aftermath, which I really enjoyed. If you are just a casual fan or not even a fan and you pick up the book, you are able to learn enough about each particular match and where the performers went after each match, which is what happened for me. There were a few matches in the book that I had never seen before, but only had heard about and I was able to read about the particular matches and I was able to learn more about the story of each match than I had just by reading stuff about it online.

For me, I was very excited to see a wide range of matches featuring the women of WWE’s history in the book. You are able to learn about the journey of Sasha Banks & Bayley leading to their match up at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn which was very refreshing to read. Beyond the Women, you were able to read about some of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time and learn more about some of their greatest matches. Another thing I enjoyed about the book was that throughout the book there were special matches put in the book that were voted on by different parts of the company from WWE Magazine to WWE Superstars & Divas, which I thought added a little something else special to the book.

It is said quite often how easy books from DK Publishing are to read and this book was a very easy and fun read. The author Dean Miller did a great job at piecing together the book, which makes for a fun read for every WWE fan.

You can purchase a copy of WWE: 100 Greatest Matches, available on May 10th at your local bookstore or on your favorite online retailer &

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