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Critic vs The Fan Critic vs The Fan

Critic vs The Fan
Written by Lindsey Ward

This week has been an interesting week for me in many respects. Personally Iím facing turning 30 in a matter of weeks, while professionally I am continuing to find challenges in my new job. Sure these arenít the most horrible of problems. In the last 6 months Iíve faced far worse, but theyíre problems all the same. replica watches In any case no matter how big or how small a problem is, I look to relieve the stress of it through my only true vice Ė Professional Wrestling. This week however I have found myself more perplexed by it than ever. My vice or rather being a fan of wrestling, and interacting with other fans has managed to cause an annoying level of stress in my life. Something Iím hoping to correct right now.

I have given what I am about to say a great deal of thought over the past five days. This is not something I am taking lightly nor am I intending any ill will. replica rolex I would like to state for the record that these are my feelings and no one elseís. If you agree with me, great; if not thatís fine too. These statements are only meant to vent my frustrations as a person and as a wrestling fan.

That being said I would like to open with my biggest frustration; when did we forget that we were fans? Iím serious about that. At what point did all of us in IWC land become so bitter, so jaded that we forgot we are first and foremost, fans? And if we are to that point where nothing will impress or surprise us then why do we still watch? rolex replica Why do we, as supposed fans watch something that weíre supposed to love, only to tear it down? It seems completely counterproductive.
We had a discussion last night on a radio show that I co-host about WWE losing viewers and the majority of the blame was placed on Creative. It was felt that creative is not trying, nor are they living up to previously set standards. While I would agree with creative not being what it once was, I would argue that the fans are also not what they once were. Todayís fan is inundated with opinions, spoilers and general negativity about the product. We as a community are quick to judge and difficult to impress. Case in point, Lord Tensai; he was panned before he ever set foot in a WWE ring. Same thing applies for Brodus Clay. You can argue with me that one or both examples are horrible, but they are examples of creative trying something new and the fans initially rejecting them without having seen them.
Another prime example is TNAís Open Fight Night. Most people arenít even giving it a chance. At most people have read the spoilers and decided itís not worth their time. Granted that is their choice to feel that way, but how does anyone expect anything to get over if we donít at least give it a chance.

I guess my point is this; I as a fan am sick of the negativity. I am sick of people saying they are fans when all they do is rip the product to shreds. I wish we as fans would give things a chance. I wish we would stop with the bullshit and maybe start discussing what we liked vs. what we didnít like. Iím not saying you canít criticize because letís face it, not everything will be wonderful. But in watching two hours of wrestling there had be at least one thing you liked. Focus on that rather than focusing on the negative. Open your minds people. It wonít hurt.


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