2015 RAW Post Show


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What is next for Brock Lesnar & Triple H in WWE? DXLesnar

WTR Listener RasslinFanactic sent this in on how he would book the next chapter in the Brock Lesnar vs Triple H storyline. This item will be discussed on the August 30th Edition of The Rack. Here is what he had to say.

WWE Night of Champions – HBK Promo
“I don’t want to waste too much time tonight, so let me get straight to the point. I have an idea I want to share with everyone and it involves…HHH! HHH deserves more than to finish his career after a broken arm to a guy who does not have an ounce of passion for this business, a man who never gave back. He took McMahon’s money and he left, he tried to get NFL money and failed, he even took Dana White’s money. replica watches I organized some interview time on RAW tomorrow night because I have an idea to share with HHH and I already know some of our friends are down for it.”

RAW – HBK, HHH Promo
HBK: “HHH, get your corporate butt out here. I have an idea to share with you.”
Out comes HHH with his suit
HHH: “Ok, here I am. Hurry up and spit it out Shawn.”
HBK: “Here me out Hunter. You need to challenge Brock Lesnar to a match at Survivor Series. Wait, let me finish. rolex replica Challenge Brock Lesnar in an 8 man elimination tag match at Survivor Series. Team Lesnar vs. Team…
New Age Outlaw Music plays
Out comes the Outlaws and XPac
Outlaws do their shtick, hand the microphone to HHH who drops it and leaves the ring.

RAW, Two weeks later
Michael Cole announces that next week there will be a special guest who has requested interview time.

Cole Promo: “COO HHH and GM AJ Lee have been tight lipped on who this guest is, so they are the only people who know who this mystery man is”
RAW – Mystery Guest, HHH

“Over the last few weeks I have done some thinking…Brock Lesnar…I challenge you to put a team together and take on D-Generation X at the Survivor Series! I could not think of a better way to retire from wrestling than to ride one more time with DX”

Paul Heyman will post a tout saying HHH is lying to himself and this match won’t happen for his own good.

Throughout the show, various touts and tweets from wrestlers and celebrities giving their thoughts on this potential match. Some will be for the match, others against it.
One of those touts will be from Brock Lesnar saying he will send Paul Heyman to RAW next week to decline this challenge in person.

RAW – Paul Heyman Promo
Heyman: “So here we are again, WWE Universe. Your hero, HHH wants to get back into the ring with Brock Lesnar. Well, that is not going to happen. See, we at Team Lesnar are considerate people; we care about the health and well-being of others. This is why Team Lesnar has no choice but…
AJ Lee’s music hits and she skips to the ring
Heyman: “What are you doing here little girl? Oh that’s right; replica rolex you are the General Manager of RAW. It must be a pleasure for you to meet me, now get out of the ring, little girl. I have adult business to address, so get out of the ring and I will give you an autographed photo of myself and Brock Lesnar. How does that sound?”

AJ Slaps Heyman
AJ: “Mr. Heyman…I may be young and a touch immature but I have had the entire WWE Universe wrapped around my little finger. You need to remember that when you are on RAW, you are on my show. At the moment you are in MY ring, so show me some respect…okay baldy? Now, let’s get down to business…I have a proposal. If you can get Brock Lesnar to agree to the challenge issued by DX, I will allow Brock Lesnar to pick any 3 partners he wants, and they do not even have to have a WWE contract.”

Heyman: “Now that is an intriguing proposition, and I think Brock Lesnar may be interested. How about I go to the back, call my client and come out to…your ring later and tell the fans what my client decides. Before I go I will give you credit, you showed some guts to slap me like that but you also must be a little bit crazy”
AJ kicks Heyman in the groin and skips to the back with her music playing.

Heyman returns later in the night and accepts the challenge but requests one more conditions which is non-negotiable. If Team Lesnar wins, Brock Lesnar wants a spot in the 2013, Royal Rumble.

Show opens with Cole telling the fans that later that night; AJ Lee will have a Public Service Announcement regarding Team Lesnar vs. Team HHH at Survivor Series.

AJ Lee announces that she will accept the condition that is Team Lesnar wins at Survivor Series, Brock Lesnar will be a participant in the 2013, Royal Rumble. HOWEVER, for this to happen, Brock Lesnar must agree that if his team is defeated, then he will leave the WWE and never return again. She adds that in 2 weeks’ time the official contract signing will be held on RAW.
A tout from Paul Heyman is played saying they accept and will be at RAW for the contract signing.

RAW – Two Weeks Later, Contract Signing
AJ begins proceeding and DX joins her followed by Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. HHH signs for his team and places the contract in front of Lesnar. Paul Heyman picks up the contract and starts to read it with AJ hurrying him up. Brock Lesnar signs the contract for his team and AJ mentions how Lesnar needs to fill in the names of his team. Lesnar and Heyman smile across the table and the lights go out.

The lights are out for a few moments and simultaneously a spotlight appears in the crowd and this music hits. http://youtu.be/Zbo3LizegQM It is MMA fight Rampage Jackson (His last contracted MMA fight is October and he has said he is done with MMA and has said in interviews he would love to do some things here and there in wrestling. He has been on their show before and would be protected by a match full of veterans). Rampage has his signature chain and ‘howls’. His music stops and as another spotlight appears new music plays. http://youtu.be/LY94r8z32dI it is former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Dan ‘The Beast’ Severn! The music stops, and another spotlight appears in the crowd as new music hits. http://youtu.be/tAORcaaqJWI Brock Lesnar’s fourth and final partner is former Intercontinental Champion, Ken Shamrock.

Later on in the show, Cole and Lawler will take time to show highlights and put over Brock Lesnar’s team to the television audience and educate the younger audience.

Note: It would make no sense for Brock Lesnar to have partners who are wrestlers because it goes against the Lesnar character. He is supposed to only be there for the money and belittles all the wrestlers on the roster. Shamrock and Severn both became really good wrestlers and were quite over during their run, especially Shamrock.

WWE Survivor Series
As a surprise Jim Ross joins the commentary team. Considering the new faces in this match, it is important to have an announcer like JR to fill fans in on the stories here. Also this entire match is perfect to hype people up for the new SD vs. RAW game since the game is based on the attitude era. Everyone except Rampage and Lesnar were a big part of that era.

After the babyfaces shin mainly working with Shamrock and Lesnar, until the heels get the advantage over X-Pac. The ‘shine’ as the call it should last at least 8 minutes so DX can get some offense in before we build some heat. Rampage can get in a few times and through Pac around, and he will eventually pin X-Pac after a powerbomb. That finish is basically a re-enactment of an MMA fight he had where he knocked out his opponent with a slam very similar to a powerbomb.
Before the next finish, DX will get in some hope spots with Road Dogg getting in his shtick with his quick jabs, dance, cross job and a big right hand to Shamrock. Hit the ropes, shimmy and drop the elbow. When he goes for the pin, Shamrock counters into and Ankle Lock and Road Dogg submit.

Rampage gets pinned by HHH after a pedigree and after he recovers he shakes HHH’s hand out of respect. As Rampage leaves the ring his team and Paul Heyman start berating him for shaking hands. Rampage losses it and KO’s Paul Heyman.
Bill Gunn is eliminated after submitting to the Kimura Lock by Lesnar. He does not get his arm broken because he taps as soon as Lesnar gets it.
HHH gets the next two falls over Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock and the match is down to HHH and Lesnar.

The finish has a ref knock down and the recovered Paul Heyman low blows HHH, HBK gets into the ring and Superkicks Heyman and he is out again. Lesnar stalks HBK for a bit but HHH is there with a low blow of his own to Lesnar. HBK goes to wake the ref up as HHH attempts a Pedigree but it is reversed into a back body drop. HHH gets up, Lesnar picks him up on his shoulders, F-5 and Lesnar wins. Brock Lesnar is going to the Royal Rumble.

Royal Rumble
CM Punk drops the strap to The Rock.
Brock Lesnar enters the Royal Rumble match at number 15 and there will be about 8 guys in the ring and Lesnar eliminates everyone. The countdown clock starts and when it hits 0, the lights go out and guess who it is…The Undertaker. They go tumbling over the top rope eliminating each other and continue to brawl all the way to the back.

Dolph Ziggler can come in next, and his story is that he wants to become an Undisputed Champion by beating The Rock and then cashing in his MITB brief case after the World Heavyweight Championship match has ended. Ziggler can either fail and be mocked by Jericho until Ziggler begs AJ to bring back Jericho so he can beat him up at Wrestlemania or Jericho can jump the railing and eliminate Ziggler. The only way Ziggler can legally get revenge and embarrass Jericho is to beat him at Mania, so tries to get Jericho reinstated.

What happens to HHH? Yup, he is the special guest referee for Lesnar vs. Undertaker.

Wrestlemania Matches
WWE Championship Match
The Rock © vs. John Cena

Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker w/ Special Guest Referee HHH

#1 Contenders Match For A WWE Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho


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