2015 RAW Post Show


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Join us for a Special Live & FREE Airing of Canadian All Pro Wrestling Presents Vicious Valentines live from the Royal Canadian Legion in Calgary, Alberta, Canada starting at 9pm ET.

Retaliation is in the air this time around! Hotshot Johnny Devine, fresh off his first successful title defense against the Ravenous One, Randy Myers, was attacked post-match by newcomer to C.A.W., CAM!!kazi! The Devine One demanded CAM!!kazi be at the next C.A.W. event, and you know he wants to exact a little vengeance on the newcomer!

Another newcomer to Canadian All-Pro is veteran Superfly Dan. After entering and losing the Battle Royale, Superfly took on "Maverick" Mike Briggs in a match that resulted in a double count-out. Superfly will want to make a definite statement, while Briggs will want to prove his mettle to Superfly and the fans.

Andre Williams and Tyrone Ironside both have a score to settle with Sydney Steele and Steven Styles, and will get that chance to do so! On the other side Styles, who's had a bit of a battle with C.A.W.'s commissioner, Vinnie Fever, will do whatever he can to get the best of Tyrone and Andre, and he'll take Steele along for the ride.Enter news item here.


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