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Tim Stein, Omega & Mase

Showtime: Sunday Nights, 10pm Eastern(11pm on Pay Per View Nights)

About The Show
Since 2004, Wrestle Talk Radio has been innovating the presentation of pro wrestling internet radio. Wrestle Talk Radio provides the unique perspective of the world of wrestling by providing views from the eyes of people who have been involved in the wrestling business: From wrestlers in the ring to the view from behind the camera and the production of wrestling shows.

Wrestle Talk Radio also provides the view of the Wrestling Fan. These views give the program a unique perspective on the business. The program has conducted interviews with Current & Former WWE & TNA Superstars such as, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Matt Hardy, Lita, Al Snow, Rob Van Dam & Many Others such as pro wrestling legends Ted DiBiase, Terry Funk, Tully Blanchard and a score of others.

Sir Rockin, Mase & Lindsey Ward

Showtime: Monday Nights, 11:30pm Eastern

About The Show
Right after Monday Night RAW, the panel of hosts recap everything that goes down on this week's edition of Monday Night RAW. We give our takes and our opinions on what we thought on the show.

Alan Wojcik, Spug & Mase

Showtime: Tuesday Nights, 9pm Eastern Time

About The Show
Kayfabe Wrestling Radio is your weekly 9pm Tuesday home to all the news from World Wrestling Entertainment, TNA Wrestling, ROH, FCW and the many wonderful independent promotions across America. Host Alan Wojcik is joined by national media correspondents as well a member of the Wild Talk Radio network. Nearly every week listeners will hear an interview or two or ten with stars of the present as well as the legends that paved the trail.

Scott Barry & Jed Shaffer

Showtime: Wednesday Nights, 8:30pm Eastern

About The Show
Hosts Jed Shaffer and Scott Barry talk the current topics. Throw in a rotating panel of guests known as The Cheap Wood Paneling, add a dash of pop culture references, and geek humor, and this show adds up to...just another wrestling show!

One insider and one fan break down their thoughts on the wrestling business as a whole, WWE, TNA, ROH, Chikara, NWA, they cover it all! Along side a panel of rotating guests, and the ability to take live calls, this show is just one step better than the NAMBLA report. But they try anyway, God help them, they try.

Lindsey Ward & Sir Rockin

Showtime: Thursday Nights, 11pm Eastern

About The Show
About The Show: Providing the opinions of fans of Professional Wrestling, as we give icover and discuss the goings on in the world of Professional Wrestling in WWE & TNA. Giving you a detailed recap of Impact Wrestling, along with discussions about a variety of different subject matters in Pro Wrestling.

Sir Rockin, Rob Parks, Ace, Subway, Will, Syndy Synn & Lone Jobber

Showtime: Saturday Nights, Midnightish Eastern Time

About The Show
CB Radio is the show that has No Limits & No Restrictions to provide some Extreme Entertainment. Its a program that covers a wide variety of subject from Sports to Music to things of the weird as well as some very interesting R Rated Conversations. CB Radio isnt suitable for those that are easily offended and those who take themselves too seriously. You never know what to expect when you listen to an episode of CB Radio, even the hosts never know what will come up.


Newly Updated! 11-09-12

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