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Just send in a photo of yourself holding one of the signs below or make your own sign! Send it to admin@wildtalkradio.com, and you will be entered to win a DVD of your choice! You can enter whatever photos you want, but you can only appear in ONE of them.

1. Photos must be submitted to admin@wildtalkradio.com before the deadline.
2: You may enter up to 10 separate photos, but may only appear in one of them.
3: If you are female and do submit a photo with WILD TALK RADIO across your chest, a)you may keep your face mostly covered, b) you automatically get a DVD of your choice, and c) you must be of legal age.
4: Prizes will be accepted as awarded. Substitutes may be required.
5: Photoshopped pictures are not eligible. And we'll be able to tell, so don't bother trying!

To download one of these signs, right-click on DOWNLOAD (800X600) and choose "Save Target As.." to save to your desktop!



Newly Updated! 11-09-12

Get all the WTR Programming on iTunes!

How do you do so? Its simple. Go in iTunes, click at the top of iTunes where it says Advanaced and click on Subscribe to Podcast. Once there, insert this link right here:


After you do that, then hit ok. Once that happens you get all the latest WTR Programming on iTunes! Its Just That Simple!
There is a New Way to listen to all the Wild Talk Radio Network Live Programming from your Smartphone. All you need to do is download the Mobile App called TuneIn for all smart phones. After that, all you need to do is search for "Wild Talk Radio Network" on the App and you can listen to all the WTR Live Programming from your Smart Phone.
There is an all new way to listen to your favorite Wild Talk Radio Network Podcasts. All you need to do is download the Stitcher Mobile App for your Smart Phones and search out Wild Talk Radio Network and you will be able to hear your favorite Wild Talk Radio Network programming whenever you want. Best of all, Its Free!
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