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Just send in a photo of yourself holding one of the signs below or make your own sign! Send it to admin@wildtalkradio.com, and you will be entered to win a DVD of your choice! You can enter whatever photos you want, but you can only appear in ONE of them.

1. Photos must be submitted to admin@wildtalkradio.com before the deadline.
2: You may enter up to 10 separate photos, but may only appear in one of them.
3: If you are female and do submit a photo with WILD TALK RADIO across your chest, a)you may keep your face mostly covered, b) you automatically get a DVD of your choice, and c) you must be of legal age.
4: Prizes will be accepted as awarded. Substitutes may be required.
5: Photoshopped pictures are not eligible. And we'll be able to tell, so don't bother trying!

To download one of these signs, right-click on DOWNLOAD (800X600) and choose "Save Target As.." to save to your desktop!


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