OTL for June 25th: Games too violent?

Tech issues once again plague the geeks of Otaku Talk Live. While Omega hunted down his internet provider with a pitch fork, Spug took the show on himself, discussing games that promote violence just for the sake of being violent. After he’s joined by his friend, Sky, Omega returns to cover a bit of everything, from haunted houses to how to turn your Nintendo Wii into a marital aide!

June 18th OTL: Video Game Movies and Sequels

So we’re still getting the bugs worked out, but we were closer to being on time and nobody’s connection dropped! Also big thanks to rocknsock for bailing us out when technology hated us.

What did go right was our discussion of movie video games. That is, why every recent movie needs tie-in games and why almost all movies based on video games are awful. We also got into The Dark Knight, including the recent changes to the movie’s toys and the original series of films, as well as our first epic clash: Deathscythe versus Kharn the Betrayer.

Wrestle Talk Radio June 14

Disaster News Network takes over!  If there’s a disaster or debacle in the world of pro wrestling, the WTR nullcrew can cover it in ways no one dreams of!  Stein, Spug, Omega, and Dave go in-depth on the WWE Joke Giveaway, Hogan’s damage control fiasco, Michael Hayes and his non-PC mouth, and then to break it up, lively talk on 2nd/3rd-gen wrestlers!  Always a rollercoaster of fun and mirth! THIS IS DNN….err, WTR!

June 11th OTL: Spider-Man movies, Superman, and chaos

Nothing great ever got off to a smooth start. The first edition of Otaku Talk Live fought through a three and a half hour delay and a bad net connection to make it’s official debut. In between, we discussed the faults of the Spider-Man movie franchise, debated Superman, looked forward to The Dark Knight, and got in a little Metal Gear Solid 4 discussion. Not to mention the usual amusing chaos that follows Spug and The Omega’s discussions. Join us for our big debut!

June 7th WTR: Millions; Slammiversary; More Foolishness

Dave’s late, Spug is reeeeaaaallllyy late (he wasn’t even supposed to be on the show), an old friend drops by and all hell breaks loose! Wrestle Talk Radio

We manage to squeeze in talk on the Million Dollar Giveaway, One Night Stand, killing the brand extension and ECW (PLEASE!), and preview Slammiversary. Then the karaoke Bar opens! Join us for the wild ride that always is WTR!