Burning River Radio 8/31:TK Denounces Stone Cold

A few weeks back, TK made a bet where if he lost, he would have to denounce Stone Cold Steve Austin and this week on Burning River Radio, TK keeps up his end of the bet as he finally denounces Stone Cold Steve Austin live on air. Plus, Spug & TK discusss future wagers between each other along with a very heated debated about the Buffalo Bills and the Cleveland Browns.  Check it all out on this week’s edition of Burning River Radio.

Anything Goes July 27: Star Trek; The Dark Knight; More

This edition of Anything Goes brought aboard OTAKU TALK’s Omega to discuss a little science fiction with host Tim Stein. We looked at the “trickle-down effect” of Star Trek: The Original Series and its effect and impact on our world today. How things invented for pruposes of that shoiw have come about and are used in real life today.

We also talked about The Dark Knight and examined if Heath Ledger’s death may have been influenced by the character of The Joker he played in the second of the rebooted Batman movie franchise. We also brought up Superman Returns, Spiderman 3, Harrison Ford’s acting abilities, Christian Bale’s assault charges levvied against him by his mother and his sister, Marilyn Manson, Tinky-Winky and more, proving that the show truly is about ANYTHING! Check it out now!

WrestleTalkRadio 07/26/08

The first videocast in a while, WTR took to the airwaves to deliver our usual non-sequitors, beginning with trying to decide what to call the new big-screen tv Tim Stein acquired the week previously after doing some fence work.null

Talk turned to the new DIVA title belt, Michelle McCool, and her relationship with The Undertaker, and McCool’s match against Natalya Neidhart at the last PPV, where Nattie carried Michelle for the entire match, only to be forced to have to submit to a really weak ankle-lock.

We talked about Chris Jericho, John Cena and Cryme Time, JBL, and more. Check it out now!

OTL for August 20th:Go Go Power Rangers!

It was 90’s Night on OTL, when The Spug Guy and Omega decided to dive in to 90’s with talk about everything 90’s. From Batman The Animated Series to South Park and everything in between. Also TK of TK’s Tirade joined the program to talk all things Power Rangers. Listen to the show full of tangents with 90’s talk mixed in on this week’s OTL.

Across The Field-The Final Episode

On Saturday August 16th, 2008, the Final Edition of Across the Field aired live from Marion County International Race Way in Larue, Ohio with The Spug Guy and Cerny. In the final two hours of the broadcast covered Ohio States Football, the hype of the Olympics and Michael Phelps. Also Dennis Salzwimmer of the G.I.N.F.C.C. joined the program to talk about the funny car races that were taking place that evening.  Also, because his ego cant get any bigger, TK joined the chat after getting lost on the BFE of Ohio and missed his date. Check out all of the excitement of the final edition of Across The Field.

OTL for August 13th: We Love the 80s!

It’s 80s night on OTL! Omega and Spug dive into nostalgia as they discuss their favorite cartoons and movies, the revolutionary video games, and all the things that made the decade the renaissance age for geekdom.  And it finally happened. Find out what Omega said that completely shut down Spug’s brain!

OTL for August 6th: The All Anime Show!

This week’s Otaku Talk Live focused on the Japanese version of animation, Anime, the best series the hosts know of (Omega knows a lot more than Spug), and the series and cliches to avoid. Listen as Spug goes off about hentai (surprise!) and Omega explains why the one show everyone knows of, Dragonball Z, is not a good series.

OTL for July 30th: Top 10 Heroes, Villains, Vixens

A few weeks ago Omega and Spug went through the top 20 Ultimate Superheroes, Super Villains, and Super Vixens shows that aired on Bravo, and to say they disagreed with many of the choices is akin to calling the Atlantic Ocean “damp”. So the two presented their own top 10 lists, and bullets began to fly! What caused one of our hosts to walk off in the middle of the broadcast?!