Fire On Ice 12/06/08: Avery, Team Play, NHL Locations and Dumb-Asses

This special edition of Fire On Ice took place this past Saturday, december 6th, as a result of the loss of internet during the original airing last Wednesday night. The first 30 minutes of the program presented what happened Wednesday, with talk about “The Sean Avery Incident”. A caller named Spug argued against a suspension for Avery for his comments prior to Tuesday night’s game between the Flames and the Dallas Stars. Talk turned to a comparison between hockey athletes and athletes from other pro sports. This in turn led to a discussion of how the NHL doesn’t work south of the Mason-Dixon line of the USA, with discussion on where would be a good venue for an NHL team.
When we came back live, Avery’s suspension status was updated with the same caller clarifying his stance, saying he was atrguing against the term “indefinite suspension”. with that, a conference between Spug and Tony — both listeners — further discussed options for NHL teams, including placing one in Saskatchewan, perhaps Moose Jaw, of all places!
Of course we unveiled the latest Dumb Ass list as well! All this and more on the latest edition of Fire On Ice.
Remember, this Wednesday’s Fire On Ice webcast will immediately follow Calgary’s game against the Detroit Red Wings! See you in the chatroom then!