01/31/09 The Wrestling Report: Scott Hudson Interview, This Week’s Shows

This week on Joe Burgett’s The Wrestling Report we talked to Scott Hudson who has worked in WCW, TNA, and the WWE. We talked to him about WWE’s uprising and the downfall of it’s biggest competition WCW. He mentioned how it happened and Joe asked him questions that got him to give us some inside stuff.
Plus we heard him talk bad about Vince McMahon, but don’t tell anyone.
We of couse dicussed RAW, ECW, and SmackDown. Along with talking about how much TNA sucked this week. When will they ever learn?  This was the best yet on Joe Burgett’s The Wrestling Report and some say the best on wildtalkradio this week. Check it out you won’t be disappointed.

Fire On Ice 01/28/09: Tonight’s Game, Cammalleri, Iginla, More!

Returning after 3 week off due to late games and wonky internet, Fire On Ice picked up right where we left off! We took the smallest look at the All-Star game, whether or not you could call the Flames “elite” yet, Michael Cammalleri, Jarome Iginla, and more.
We also broke down the game played against the Sabres right before we went live, and touched on the three Flames who faced, but never got, possible suspensions as a result of actions happening against the Columbus Blue Jackets the last game played before the All-Star break.
We also bought up the fact that Calgary has yet to beat the Chicago Black Hawks and Detroit Red Wings.
All this and more on this edition of Fire On Ice!

Fire ON Ice January 7/09: All Star Game, your Calls

The January 7th edition of Fire On Ice took a good look at the 2008-2009 NHL All-Star game and whether or not this year’s edition was a waste of time. We also talked about who might be responsible for the team’s turn-around.
After a bit of silly fun to start off the second segment, we re-played the “Tom Hicks call”, before getting back into the topics on the night, such as who really deserves to be in the NHL All-Star line-up and who probably shouldn’t (most of the Canadiens’ players) and took your calls!
All this and more on the first Fire On Ice of 2009! Listen now!

Minnesota Sports Weekly 1/28: Wolves, Wild and Tubby Time!

Tonight on the rebirth of Minnesota Sports Weekly, Host Tony O dove into the bountiful feast that was presented. Top talkers included the Timberwolves latest Run and whether or not they will make the playoffs, Mid season recap for the Wild and whether or not Niklas Backstrom, and Its Tubby Time @ the University of Minnesota…Recap of the Tubby Smith and the Golden Gophers Men’s Basketball season so far and predictions for the rest of the season.

Make sure to get your ass in chat and listen to the show live every Wednesday @ 8 pm est/7 cst here on the Wild Talk Radio Network!!!!

Otaku Talk Live 1-27-09

This week on Otaku Talk Live with The Spug Guy running late, Omega & Stage took the time to dig in to the weeks topic, Fictional duos. Not just sidekicks but the fictional characters who cant exist without each other. Stage & Omega delve in to the topic and also brought along some other geek knowledge for everyone to enjoy. As always Spug gave an update on his dealings with his Minitures, which has become a weekly update on the program. So tune in to this week’s edition of Otaku Talk Live with Omega, Stage & Spug.

Wrestle Talk Radio 1-25-09

Wrestle Talk Radio returned to the airwaves following the 2009 WWE Royal Rumble with Nick, Omega & Spug. On the program they covered all of the latest news going on in WWE & around the wrestling scene, along with recapping the goings on in the Royal Rumble. Also they debated whether Randy Orton is a true heel. Listen to this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio.

Cigarette Butts & Bandanas 1-24-09

This week on Cigarette Butts & Banadanas brought to you some typical moments you like to hear, some funny moments & alot of shameless promoting. To start of the program Big Daddy Ace went on his typical rant of the week, which has become a cult favorite in the live WTR Chatroom, join us live and you can find out what we are talking about. Then the show took a different turn and decided to make a few prank phone calls to some establishments on the west coast to see if they would follow along in the joke.  It was another exciting edition of Cigarette Butts & Bandanas with Big Daddy Ace, William McConnell & Sir Rockin and if you only learn one thing from the show, its to “Call The Number”.

JBWR: Royal Rumble talk w/Guest Co-host Spug!

On Joe Burgett’s The Wrestling Report two worlds collided as Across the Field’s Spug took on Joe Burgett. Spug was the guest host this week and sparks flew between them. Spug showed his knowledge of wrestling while Burgett showed him how much he knew too. It was another great show on Joe Burgett’s The Wrestling Report. What will happen next that did not happen on this show?

Across The Field 1-22-09

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009. One of the crew was mystery absent tonight as DL was nowhere to be found but not to worry, Private Tony O stepped in and helped out Spug. They discussed the AFC and NFC championship games and the fallout. A nasty hit placed by ryan clark on willis magahee during the AFC championship game. A very dumb criminal suit against a football coach in kentucky, The cavs, and 5 things president obama should do for the sports world now that he is in office. Remember if you enjoy the podcast please tune in each and every week at 6pm eastern to here the guys live right here on the wild talk radio network.

Across The Field 1-15-09

Thursday January 15th, The guys talked BCS fallout from the championship game. Why the cavs’s are the best in the NBA. Why the browns struggles continue as they move forward under the new coach. And of course what episode would be complete without technical difficulties. Remember if you don’t want to miss out on the insanity, Tune in live every thursday at 6pm eastern right on the wild talk radio network for Across The Field.