Screening Room 03-29-09

In their last Sunday show Greg and Max tackle the extensive Zelda franchise, Max continues his random story of the week segment and many tangents insue. Random BS ahoy for this episode of The Screening Room. Don’t miss us on Thursdays starting April 9th!

Across The Field 03-26-09

March 26, 2009: The guys discuss the Spugs drunken weekend, The NCAA tourney, Dumb NFL rule changes, The upcoming NBA playoffs, MLB Seaon getting ready to get underway and the ending of the WBC and of course Curt Schiling’s retirment and as always much more. Listen live each and every thursday from 6 to 8pm eastern right here on

Screening Room 03-22-09

Lord of the Rings is the target for this week’s The Screening Room, but not before we cover our week’s entertainment. Max discusses The Last House on the Left, and Greg talks about his experiences with Puzzle Quest Galactrix and Suikoden Tierkreis. Talk of staff wielding auctioneers insues. Tune in live sundays at 5pm pacific 8 eastern.

Across The Field 03-12-09

March 12th 2009: The boys are back again, This week we discuss TO going to buffalo, The upcoming NCAA tournament, The second annual ATF Bracket Challenge, We also debate Tony O of MSW as to why the Cavs are the best team in the NBA, More of the ATF Idol contest and much more, Tune every thursday at 6pm eastern right here on the wildtalk radio network.

Across The Field 03-05-09

March 5th 2009: Spug berates DL for being late again, We discuss the ATF Idol contest, The WBC, The Cavs and Boston, The called off search for the missing NFL players. More additions to the Old Yeller list and much much more. Remember to tune in live each and every thursday at 6pm eastern.

Wrestle Talk Radio 03-22-09: The Snowman Cometh!

This past Sunday Night, Wrestle Talk Radio welcomed former WWE Superstar Al Snow to the program. Some of the subjects incldued the time he spent in the WWE, what it means to be a real ring psychologist,  his memories of ECW, where the business is headed and a whole bunch more topics, that not just wrestling fans, but fans of the WTRN in general will enjoy.   Also the WTR Crew talked about a variety of subjects from TNA to Wrestlemania and more in this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio!

The Wrestling Report 03/21/09: Tracy Smothers,Test Talk, More

On this episode of Joe Burgett’s The Wrestling Report we interviewd Tracy Smothers, former ECW/NWA/WWF wrestler. We asked him about certain things in the world of wrestling and what he is in now, Hardcore Revolution.
We also talked about John Cena’s min-feud with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Steriods found in Test’s home, and a future WWE storyline involving Kelly Kelly and Randy Orton. All in all, it was another great show on JBWR, so tune in now!

Cigarette Butts & Bandanas 03-21-09

This past Saturday Night, CB Radio returned to the airwaves and discussed a variety of topics which included, Cats, Obama, the word “Retarded” & More. So join Big Daddy Ace, Sir Rockin, Rob Parks & William McConnell for another exciting and entertaining edition of Cigarette Butts & Bandanas.

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