Cigarette Butts & Bandanas 04-25-09

The CB Radio gang returned to the airwaves this past Saturday Night and saw the return of “The Answer” William McConnell to the program.  On the program, the crew looked at some interesting stories as well as just sat back and let everything hang out. So Check out CB Radio at its finest with William McConnell, Sir Rockin & Rob Parks.

Wrestle Talk Radio 04-26-09

This past Sunday, Wrestle Talk Radio returned to the airwaves to cover WWE Backlash. All of the ins & outs of the pay per view were covered, from the Three Title Changes to the conclusion of the Matt & Jeff Hardy Match and of course, Santina Marella. So tune in this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio with Spug, Omega and CB Radio’s William McConnell.

Across The Field 04-23-09

This week on Across The Field, DL was flying solo covering all of the latest sports news. Joining DL on the program was TK, to talk about the Indians, as well as Tim Stein, Host of Fire on Ice, joined DL to talk about the NHL Playoffs. DL gave his take on the NFL Draft and gave his Mock Draft. Tune in for this week’s edition of Across The Field.

Screening Room 04-23-09

Bust out your garlic, ready your holy water and prepare your steak and malet. This week The Screening Room is taking you straight into the darkness and covering vampire movies. 30 Days of Night, I am Legend, Twilight, Blackula, you name it; we got it. Also: South Park, Heroes and more. Venture forth IF YOU DARE

Screening Room 04-16-09

On this episode of The Screening Room your courageous hosts brave the depths of Dragonball Evolution. Greg covers the latest Final Fantasy game and Max talks South Park. Bring the water and sour cream, this episode is SPICY!

Cigarette Butts & Bandanas 04-11-09

On this week’s edition of Cigarette Butts & Bandanas, Big Daddy Ace & Sir Rockin, ran down some interesting and weird stories they read and also heard. Also on the program, Big Daddy Ace updated everyone on how his wrestling training preparation is going and we found out what is bugging the godfather this week. So check out this week’s edition of Cigarette Butts & Bandanas!

Joe Burgett’s The Wrestling Report 04-11-09

On this episode of Joe Burgett’s The Wrestling Report we talked news, rumors, and what not in the WWE. We talked about the possibility of some wrestlers going to certain rosters in the WWE Draft. And we also did a little Wrestlemania recap too.
We even had a call-in from a guy on an island in the show, listen for that! But needless to say, we had another great show this week, so make sure to tune in.

Otaku Talk Live 04-07-09 Nostalgia Night!

In what can be consider a “Throwback” show or a Night of nostalgia, Otaku Talk Live went back to the 80’s & 90’s and talked about all the items that both Spug & Omega grew up on. Whether it was different types of toys, video games, tv shows, it was all covered in this week’s episode. So check out this week’s edition of Otaku Talk Live, where you get a little bit of old school music or a random phone call or two or well, just lets say, there was alot of random phone calls, on this week’s edition of OTL with Omega & Spug.

Wrestle Talk Radio 04-05-09 Post Wrestlemania!

Once Wrestlemania ended, Wrestle Talk Radio hit the airwaves to recap all of the big events that went down at the grand daddy of them all. With a variety of hosts from Omega and Nick, to CB Radio’s Big Daddy and Fire On Ice’s Cliff Lee, to the Voices of Wrestle Talk Radio, Tim Stein and Spug, everyone shared in on what they thought of Wrestlemania 25. Plus your phone calls and alot of chat room interaction, made this one exciting edition of Wrestle Talk Radio!

Cigarette Butts & Bandanas 04-04-09

This past Saturday, Cigarette Butts & Bandanas wrapped up the Wrestlemania 25 Preview coverage, by giving their thoughts and opinions on the event, along with getting some live reaction from someone who was live at the WWE Hall of Fame. Also on the program, the crew talked about Big Daddy Ace’s Crush on a certain WWE Diva, along with his quest on becoming a Pro Wrestler. So check out this week’s edition of Cigarette Butts & Bandanas with Big Daddy Ace, Rob Parks & Sir Rockin.