Otaku Talk Live 05-26-09

On this week’s edition of Otaku Talk Live, the geek universe of the WTRN learned that The Spug Guy is an avid sports fan and wears his heart on his sleeve and as the closing minutes of the Cavs-Magic game came to an end, Spug pretty much laid it all out on the table. Listen to the drama as Spug realizes that his teams hope fades away. Also on the program, Mase joined the program to help bring the show back in to the word of geekdom and the topic of Grand Theft Auto’s “The Ballad of Gay Tony” was brought up and led to some interesting discussion. Plus the crew took a look at IGN’s top 100 Comic Book Villians List. So check out this week’s dramatic edition of Otaku Talk Live.

Running The Ropes 05-25-09 The Debut Show!

This week is the debut of Running The Ropes on WTRN.  This week, Maveric invites the Spug Guy from Wrestle Talk Radio and Otaku Talk Live to talk about the fallout from Monday Night Raw, which was originally scheduled for Denver but was diverted for Los Angeles because of the NBA Playoffs.  All this and more on the only wrestling-based radio show in the San Francisco Bay Area, Running The Ropes on the Wild Talk Radio Network.

Otaku Talk Live 05-19-09

This week’s topic on Otaku Talk Live was Geek Cultures of the World, which is why Spug & Omega invited resident Aussie Mase to the program to give his take on some of the geek cultures, however, OTL never quite got on the tracks and was steared in alot of different directions, which provided alot of funny & interesting moments. So enjoy this week’s edition of Otaku Talk Live, with Spug, Omega, Mase & The rest of the Wild Talk Radio Network Crew!

The Screening Room 05-21-09

There wasn’t enough rail in the world to keep us on track this time! With new host Walter joining in place of the absent Max and a metric buttload of technical and flatulent difficulties it’s a miracle that they managed to do the show at all. Amidst the fury and terror Greg and Walter discussed their recent doings as well as Terminator Salvation and a very small selection of their favorite movies ever. Walter also took a special tangent to hate the entire 80s. Perhaps the greatest thing ever to be recorded, perhaps the worst. There’s no middle ground on this one. Grab a bag of gummy bears and settle down for the craziest episode yet!

Wrestle Talk Radio 05-10-09

On Sunday Night,  May 10th, Wrestle Talk Radio went down under, as WTR’s Resident Aussie Nick took the reigns of the show to cover the latest in TNA. Nick was joined by a variety of guests, which included future WTRN Host Maveric, to preview the upcoming TNA Sacrifice Pay Per View. So Check out Wrestle Talk Radio, the TNA Edition!

Wrestle Talk Radio 05-17-09

Once Judgment Day went off the air, Wrestle Talk Radio hit the airwaves to bring you the lowdown on everything that went down at the event. Also on the program, WTR’s Spug and a Caller got in to a bit of a heated conversation concerning the CM Punk vs Umaga match up, that turned in to one interesting debate between the two.  So check out all of the excitement on this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio with Spug, Omega & Special Guest Mase.

Joe Burgett’s The Wrestling Report

With Joe Burgett unable to speak, yes it is hard to imagine Joe unable to speak, but with Joe under the weather, The Wrestling Report still went on the air with Cliff Lee & Special Host Maveric, to cover all the latest news in the world of pro wrestling. Cliff & Maveric previewed WWE Judgment Day, the state of the ECW Brand and what the future holds for some of the upcoming WWE Superstars. Check out this week’s edition of Joe Burgett’s The Wrestling Report!

The Screening Room 05-14-09

This week we discussed Star Trek the new movie. We argued about Star Trek and also debated Star Trek. Somewhere in the middle we managed to introduce our new cohost Walter. He’ll be doing summer shows with us while Max is on holiday. Wanna hear about Star Trek? or arguing? Then this is the episode for you!

Cigarette Butts & Bandanas 05-09-09

This week on the Program, Sir Rockin was joined by a variety of hosts, as The Answer William McConnell made his return to the program, along with Rob Parks and Subway. On the program, they discussed a variety of topics, which included Rob Spending 1300 Dollars, that not a type-o, Rob Spending 1300 Dollars at a strip club for his birthday, along with what it would be like to be with a contortionist or even a contortionist midget. So tune in and check out this week’s edition of Cigarette Butts & Bandanas.

Screening Room 05-07-09

Warp 7 engage! We’re talkin’ Star Trek on this week’s episode of The Screening Room. Old Trek stuff this week, new movie next week. Make sure to tune in for our season finale Thursday at 10:30 pm EST!