CB Radio 08-29-09 : Will’s 21st Birthday Special

This week on CB Radio was the William McConnell’s 21st Birthday Special.  The night started out sane,  with listening to some messages left for Will, then things got really interesting. First a “Call Girl” called in who had a very interesting night with Will the evening before. After that, things got really interesting when Ace and Rob returned to the show and it became a real party. After four hours, a bunch of shots and some puking, it was one hell of a birthday special that can only be done the CB Radio Way.

Otaku Talk Live 08-25-09

On this week’s edition of OTL, Spug & Omega covered the latest geek news. Then everyones favorite aussie joined the program to get in to a little bit of World of Warcaft Talk with The Spug Guy. So if you are a fan of World of Warcaft, then this is the episode for you.

TK’s Tirade 08-25-09

On this edition of TKS Tirade TK presented the 2009 Ohio State Football preview. But before he went to the Buckeye talk TK got off on some other topics. TK broke down the Browns win over the lowly Lions and gave his boy Derek Anderson praise for his play. TK also looked at some stories around baseball and had a few updates on Brett Favre and Mike Vick. Some new sound clips showed up tonight, and Cerny almost did the unthinkable! Tune in for all that plus a complete Jackass Club update!

Wrestle Talk Radio 08-23-09

This week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio was all about WWE Summerslam. The WTR crew covered everything that had to do with Summerslam, which included the DX Entrance, the Undertaker Surprise Return and they also had some fun with the WWE Title Match at the start of the program. Also the Great Debate Continue as who is the Greatest Tag Team of All Time. Check out this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio with Tim Stein, Omega, Will, Mase & Spug.

CB Radio 08-22-09

This week on the program, Sir Rockin & William McConnell talked about some interesting news of the week, along with the idea of a possible Bagel Cake. Then Big Daddy Ace join the program from the road to talk about his love from Billy Ray or just Miley Cyrus.  Then a roundtable discussion previewing WWE Summerslam. So check out this week’s edition of CB Radio.

Otaku Talk Live 08-18-09

This week’s edition of Otaku Talk Live, went Wild, to Wild Talk Radio.  Topics on the program included Death, Destruction and well, Porn.  Spug & Omega welcomed Will & Mase on to the program and things got wild and there are some moments that made you go, “What The Fuck”. So check out this week’s edition of OTL.

TK’s Tirade 08-18-09

TK came out Happier than a fat kid in a candy store this past Tuesday. The greatest QB alive Brett Favre came back again and TK broke down his press conference. Also TK got pissed about the Browns not scoring a TD again, and looked ahead to preseason game # 2. Michael Vick came up again during the show, and TK made a announcement regarding his status in the famous club. Check all that out and more on the latest edition of TKs Tirade

Wrestle Talk Radio 08-16-09

This week on WTR Sunday Night, we took a look at the TNA Hard Justice Pay Per View, along with getting in to some of the top stories from WWE, which included the WWE’s return to Canada, the return of DX, the possible Hardy Boyz Reunion and More. Also the Great Debate started, so tune in to find out who moved on in the first set of matches in the WTR Great Debate.

CB Radio 08-15-09

This week on the program, William McConnell & Sir Rockin once again dove in to some interesting news,  a look at some clips from the Joan Rivers Roast and Will’s Ice Cream tastes. Also Big Daddy Ace returned and caught everyone up on what he has been doing for the last few weeks. Check out this week’s interesting edition of CB Radio.

Otaku Talk Live 08-11-09

This week on Otaku Talk Live, the duo decided to take a look at some interesting Fantasy Cars and exactly how they would use them and what they would change, from the famous Batmoblie to Transformers. Then Spug & Omega took a look at some interesting geek news and more.