Wrestle Talk Radio 11-22-09

This week on Wrestle Talk Radio, we broke down the WWE Survivor Series, including the two championship matches & the classic survivor series elimination matches. Also on the show our Great Debate Continue to crown the Greatest Intercontinental Champion. Plus Spug shared some stories about his return to Wrestling.

CB Radio 11-21-09 : The Big Announcement!

This week on CB Radio, Sir Rockin was joined by as always Syndy Synn as well as Rob Parks, to cover the latest news and get everyones opinions on what the big announcement is. Also William McConnell joined the show just in time hear what the big announcement is. Wanna know what the Big Announcement Was, tune in to the show to find out, plus the usual CB Radio Banter.

Anything Goes 11-19-09

With Tim once again unable to make it, Syndy Synn was once again joined by Nick from Running The Ropes to help out on this week’s edition of Anything Goes. Topics discussed this week included:

Multiple partners at once, a way to spice up a relationship or a way to make things complicated?

Female Viagra

How to woo a man

What music gets you in the mood?

Does music enhance a sexual situation?

Would you ever just sit back and watch your partner have sex with another man/woman?

Does watching your partner have sex with another person or by herself(masterbate), excite you?

Six things sex can do for you.

What odd things do you find sexy?

Also someone finally won the Know Your Knockers Contest. So if you want to know who won and what the size of Syndy’s Knockers are, Tune in to this week’s edition of Anything Goes!

Wrestle Talk Radio 11-15-09

This week on WTR, we took a look at the TNA Turning Point Pay Per View and covered all the highlights from this matches. Also the Great Debate continued on to crown the Greatest IC Champion of all time. Also we took a look at the news of Shane McMahon’s meeting with UFC President Dana White, Rey Mysterio’s knee injury and previewed the WWE Survivor Series Pay Per View.

CB Radio 11-14-09

This week on CB Radio, Sir Rockin & Syndy Synn helped guided people through the madness of another week of weird & interesting news. One of the main topics up for discussion was a picture & video from the movie Funky Forest, which left everyone speechless. Rock & Syndy were joined by Omega to help get to the bottom of this interesting picture. Also The Spug Guy joined the show, which led to some crotch grabbing moments, that you dont want to miss. Check out this week’s edition of CB Radio with Sir Rockin & Syndy Synn.

Anything Goes 11-12-09

With Tim feeling under the weather, Syndy Synn was joined by Nick from Running the Ropes to help out on this week’s edition of Anything Goes. Topics discussed on the show included:

Sex on a first date?

Who’s more likely to have a one night stand man or woman?

watching porn with your partner is it a turn on or an uncomfortable expierence?

Flirting how much is too much?

Have you ever had sex with just a friend and had it work out to just going back to being friends?

Sexting.. breaking up by texting.. Surfing porn on your phone.

Plus your phone calls and some uncomfortable moments on this week’s edition of Anything Goes!

Burning River Radio 11-11-09

November 11th 2009, The Burning River Radio Train wreck returns for another week. This episode we tackled being PC and a variety of topics. A special announcement concerning an addition to the WTR Network, The Angry Black Guy and much more. Be sure to tune in live each and every week at 8pm eastern every wednesday right here on the Wild Talk Radio Network.

Wrestle Talk Radio 11-08-09

Wrestle Talk Radio returned to the airwave this past sunday. On the program this week, the Wrestle Talk Radio Crew looked at the recent comments made by Chris Jericho and get everyones take on what he had to say. Also we will be looking at the latest ppv buyrates from the WWE and where things stand with the price increase coming in 2010. Also we continued our Great Debate, as we search for the Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time.

CB Radio 11-07-09

This week on CB Radio, Sir Rockin was joined by Syndy Synn to look at some of the interesting news on the week. From Miley Cyrus to 7-11 Wine, to a woman who is going to broadcast the birth of her child on the internet. Also Syndy & Rock were joined by The Spug Guy who gave us some interesting details on his night at a Strip Club and what happened to his buddies while they were at the club. So check out the “Rock & Syndy” Edition of CB Radio.

Burning River Radio 11-04-09

Wednesday Nov, 4th- The return of BRR to the WTR airwaves. Spug talks about the horrific browns and the steps needed to repair the franchise. Gambling in Ohio, The Cavs, Also “Thick Rick” Stops by to discuss a little racism in sports and much more. Tune in live every wednesday at 8 and join Spug for Burning River Radio right here on the Wild Talk Radio Network.