Wrestle Talk Radio 12-27-09

On the program this week, we looked back at the year that was 2009 in Pro Wrestling. We looked at all the big stories of the year, along with what we thought the matches, superstars and feuds of the year. Plus we looked ahead to 2010.

CB Radio 12-26-09

This week on CB Radio, Sir Rockin was joined by Lone Jobber for the Rock & Jobber not so much Christmas Spectacular. On the program, we found out why Lone Jobber is now a big fan of the NHL and one particular team. Also from her hospital bed, Syndy Synn called in to give us an update on how she is doing, which just showed her dedication to the program. Check out this week’s edition of CB Radio with Sir Rockin & Lone Jobber.

Anything Goes 12-24-09

On this week’s edition of Anything Goes, Syndy Synn was live from her family Christmas Party and shared some stories about her christmas past. Also covered a few other topics which included:

Winter Date Ideas
-Would you rather do something thats warm or something winter related, like ice skating?
Can Love be one sided?
-Is it important that you trust the person you are with?

Check out this Christmas Eve Edition of Anything Goes with Syndy Synn.

Otaku Talk Live 12/22/09: Christmas part 2

This week on OTL, the boys talked about there favorite christmas items. Also on the show, Omega goes off on the fact that Bot Con is going to be taking place in Orlando and whether he should go to that or not. So join Santa Spug, Omega the Red Nosed Reindeer, and Santa’s Little Helper Mase as they discuss the Good things about christmas.

Wrestle Talk Radio 12-20-09

On the program this week, we covered in detailed the TNA Final Resolution Pay Per View from the TNA Title Match between AJ Styles & Daniels to the Three Degrees of Pain Match between Desmond Wolfe and Kurt Angle, and More! Our Great Debate continued as we crowned the Greatest Intercontinental Champion of all Time!

Rock & Syndy’s Christmas Special 12-19-09

The Holiday Season is here and the Wild Talk Radio Network & CB Radio presented The Rock & Syndy Christmas Special. On the program, Sir Rockin & Syndy Synn were joined by a variety of callers from DC Mike to Tony O to Jersey Girl and even Syndy’s Mom! They all sung in the Christmas Caroling Contest and it was a pleasure to hear everyone sing. Also everyone on the program performed the WTR 12 Days of Christmas. We also gave out prizes, yes Prizes! So check out all of the excitement of The Rock & Syndy Christmas Special!

Anything Goes 12-17-09

The show may have been on earlier, but it still was synful. As this week on Anything Goes Syndy Synn and her co-host Tim Stein, talked about a variety of topics which inclued:

Casual sex. Why do we feel the need to fill our lives with meaningless sex?

Why do men go to strip clubs?

Is it cheating when married men or men in relationshipsgo to a strip club?

With the tiger woods thing going on why does it seem easier for rich guys to cheat?

what makes a woman say yes to an affair when the man is rich?

What is the naughtiest gift you have given?

Is there really an authentic aphrodesiac?

What have you used? Has it really worked?

What is one thing no one should ever bring up on a date?

Different types of relationships involving sex.

Friends with benefits, one night stands, threesomes, open relationships, swinging, monogamus

Syndy also took your phone calls and more. Plus, everyone heard a couple of things, that Tim doesnt want to hear EVER again and it can only be heard on this week’s edition of Anything Goes!

CB Radio 12-12-09

This week on CB Radio, Sir Rockin & Syndy Synn took the airwaves to basically “BS” around, with the chatters, in a laid back feel. Both Syndy & Rock previewed the upcoming Christmas Special and had some fun, taking shots at one another, more Syndy than Rock. But it was another edition of CB Radio with Sir Rockin & Syndy Synn.

Wrestle Talk Radio 12-13-09

On the program this week, we gave a complete recap of the WWE TLC:Tables, Ladder & Chairs Pay Per View from the WWE Championship Table Match between John Cena and Sheamus, the World Championship Chair Match between Batista and The Undertaker, along with the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship TLC Match between Degeneration X and Jericho. Our Great Debate also continued as well we are in search of the Greatest IC Champion of all time.

Running The Ropes 12-10-09

This week, RTR wasn’t live since Mav was too sick to get in the studio and too sick to get absolutely everything set up. But that didn’t stop the guys from talking about the awkward showing from RAW and how TNA might be able to come out of competing with the WWE on January 4th. Also, Eddie Fatu is discussed with emphasis on how dangerous professional wrestling really is. All this and more including why Hulk Hogan is Pete’s Jerkstore of the Week for two-weeks in a row! Only on Running The Ropes.