Anything Goes 03-04-10

This week on Anything Goes, Syndy Synn was joined by Nick and they discussed a wide variety of topics.  Everything from how early is too early to say “I Love You” and other questions you may ask your significant other. Also the topics got so deep and detailed, one caller started feeling “Sick”. So check out that cant miss moment and more on this week’s edition of Anything Goes.

Otaku Talk Live 03-02-10

This week’s Otaku Talk Live,  Omega was joined by Mase. On the program the duo caught you up on all the latest news in the world of geekdom. Missing your Geek News, this is the show for you. So check out this week’s edition of Otaku Talk Live.

Anything Goes 2-25-10

On this week’s edition of Anything Goes, Syndy Synn was joined by Nick to discuss a few interesting and exciting topics and gave the plans on how you will be playing a big part in the show in the future.

Wrestle Talk Radio 2-28-10

This Week on Wrestle Talk Radio, we took a look at all the recent releases in World Wrestling Entertainment and gave our thoughts & opinions on what went down. We also took a look at what many believe to be the Main Event of Wrestlemania 26, The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels, as well we took a look at the debut of WWE Nxt. Plus The Trey Dawg of Wrestling News Live joined us for a few minutes to talk about the return of the program. We also launched WTR Mania Madness which you can begin voting on at All of this and some crazy quick hit questions on this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio with Tim Stein, Spug, Omega, Mase and Will.