CB Radio 08-14-10

Well, what else can you say about last night’s edition of CB Radio, but Vintage! As this week’s show was a throwback to the old days, as the entire CB Radio family was on the air this evening, as joining Sir Rockin on the program were of course “Godfather of Extreme” Rob Parks, “X-Core Soldier” Subway,along “The Answer” William McConnell and our special guest was none other the the “Boston Badass” Big Daddy Ace. Subjects on this week’s included well, everything you could possibly imagine, movies, weed, wrestling, racism, people busting each other’s balls and of course the word Vintage! Also the lovely and “Synnfull Queen of the WTR” Syndy Synn returns to the airwaves just DAYS after having her tonsils removed to have some fun with the boys and let everyone know how she was feeling after surgery. Also The Lone Jobber(Lone Jobber) joined in on the party as well at the end of the night as well. It was Vintage Night on this week’s edition of CB Radio with Sir Rockin, Rob Parks, Subway, Syndy Synn, Lone Jobber, Big Daddy Ace and William McConnell!