Wrestle Talk Radio 09-26-10

This week on Wrestle Talk Radio, Tim Stein and the gang took a look at the return of the Paul Bearer to World Wrestling Entertainment, the possibility of John Cena joining the Nexus and whether or not it makes sense for WWE to put John Cena in the group. Plus RVD returns to TNA TV, Mickie James Signing, Christian’s Injury and more! Plus the Great Debate, Round Table & Quick Hits all on this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio!

CB Radio 09-25-10

This week on CB Radio, Sir Rockin was joined by Rob Parks and Subway to discuss, well, of course, their favorite subject, Marijuana, well more like how to break a bong and different ways to make one as well. Also on the show, it was Random Call Outs and Prank Phone Calls, as the trio was joined by WTR Chatter Josh as well as Tim Stein, to make a variety of prank calls, including a Pizza Shop, the Bunny Ranch and Mav joined the show to show off his “Flamboyant” side as he called a few sex shops. Its all the craziness you expect from CB Radio with Sir Rockin, Rob Parks and Subway.

Anything Goes 09-23-10

This week on Anything Goes, Syndy Synn Rants, Rock gets pissed, but what else is new? Also on the show, we looked at what are Rules for Dating, what Syndy Synn should be for Halloween and More! Check it all out on this week’s Anything Goes with Syndy Synn!

Bashing The Books with Mase – Issue 3

This week on Bashing the Books; Mase fails at getting his rambling and timing down as he goes on at great lengths about this week’s releases. He also gets into your head with one of the most annoying yet catchy cartoon theme songs of all time. Mase also recommends highly of Zenescope Entertainment, who did the Tales from Wonderland book. For more information on Zenescope books, go to their website at zenescope.com

This week’s reviews:

  • Hulk – Issue 25
  • Deadpool Corps – Issue 6
  • Fables – Issue 98
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man – Issue 14
  • Tales from Wonderland: The Queen of Hearts vs The Mad Hatter

Wrestle Talk Radio 09-19-10

This week on the show, Tim Stein, Mase, Spug, Omega & Alan recapped and gave all of their thoughts on what happened at WWE Night of Champions. They talked about what they liked, disliked and all the title changes that took place. Also we discussed in the WTR Roundtable,what should the Main Event of Wrestlemania Should Be. All of that, plus The Great Debate and Quick Hits all on this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio.

CB Radio 09-18-10

This week on CB Radio,  Sir Rockin was joined by Subway, Will & The returning Rob Parks. On the show Rob Parks talked about his two weeks in Charlotte and his meeting with the Legendary Wrestler, The Nature Boy Ric Flair.  Tune  in for the stories and alot more all on this week’s edition of CB Radio.

Bashing the Books with Mase – Issue 2

A second Bashing the Books in less than a week? WTF!? Well Mase decided to go to work for a second time in less than 24 hours in order to get himself caught up with the latest comic book releases so that he gets these shows out with the newest releases. (Note: Mase mentions having “retro recommendations” in this show but due to time was forced to cut the recommendations from the show.)

This week on the show Mase discusses:

  • 1 Month 2 Live Issue 2
  • Marvel Universe vs The Punisher Issue 4
  • The Invincible Iron Man Issue 30
  • Batman Beyond Issue 4
  • Amazing Spider-Man Issues 642 & 643
  • DC’s newest animated movie: Superman/Batman Apocalypse

Bashing the Books with Mase – Issue 1

Mase debuts a self-made podcast discussing the latest comic books along with his personal opinions on video games and movies. Mase comes out from the beginning explaining why he made the podcast and also how he intends to do it. So if you want to hear an Australian talk for close to an hour about different topics, then this is the show for you

This week on the show Mase discusses:
– Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 Issue 2
– X-Men Volume 3 Issue 3
– Upcoming changes to World of Warcraft
– Resident Evil Afterlife being the movie that completely ruins the franchise

Wrestle Talk Radio 09-12-10

On the program this week, we got in to the news of Kevin Nash ranting on Twitter about his future in TNA and more. Plus we had an interesting debate about John Cena, sorta previewed Night of Champions, as well as the newest Great Debate and More! All on this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio!

CB Radio 09-11-10

On this week’s edition of CB Radio, Sir Rockin was joined by Subway to cover a few interesting topics. The topics included a Tribute to 9/11, as we shared our memories as well as many memories from fans of the WTRN. Also, where were you when OJ Simpson was on his high speed chase. Those topics and more, on this week’s edition of CB Radio with Sir Rockin and Subway.