Anything Goes 09-09-10

This week on Anything Goes, Syndy Synn was joined by her “Personal Assistant” Sir Rockin and Subway to discuss a wide variety of topics including some of Syndy’s personal sexual fantasy’s, Roleplaying, Masterbation Techniques and more. Plus the launch of a new contest for the show, as Syndy wants to know what you want her to be for Halloween. So check it all out on this week’s edition of Anything Goes with Syndy Synn.

Wrestle Talk Radio 09-05-10

This week on Wrestle Talk Radio, we broke down the latest TNA Pay Per View Offering, No Surrender and gave our thoughts on the program and whether the show was Replay worthy and by all accounts, it was. Also we took a look at some of the wrestling headlines of the week, as well as our usual Quick Hits! All on this week’s edition of WTR Sunday Night with Tim Stein, Mase, Omega & OWW Radio’s Alan Wojcik.

CB Radio 09-04-10

This week on CB Radio, Sir Rockin was joined by Subway & Big Daddy Ace. Topics up for discussion in the early part of the show included the legalization of Pot and stories surrounding that topic. Also Sir Rockin & Subway had a long discussion about Halloween and some of the upcoming contests based around the holiday and how everyone can get involved. Also Lone Jobber joined the program and we told some jokes from the chat room as well. It all took place on this week’s edition of CB Radio with Sir Rockin, Big Daddy Ace, Subway & Lone Jobber.

Anything Goes 09-02-10

“Rants, Sex and Piercings” And all in that Order! Find out what happened after Syndy Drunk Dialed CB Radio, along with the fun and interesting week she has had with well, with a few gentlemen friends. Plus More! All on this week’s Edition of Anything Goes!