Wrestle Talk Radio 11-28-10

Wrestle Talk Radio returned to the airwaves this past Sunday Night to cover a variety of topics which included The Miz becoming WWE Champion and what the crew thought of him as champion and how the Miz stacks up as champion. Also the crew talked about how WWE handled John Cena this past Monday and gave their first thoughts on new superstar “Juan Cena’. As well we looked at the King of the Ring Tournament, TNA Final Resolution and more, including the WTR Roundtable & Quick Hits all on this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio with Tim Stein, Mase, Spug & Omega.

(We apologize for the audio glitches in the first 20 minutes of the archive.)

From Tapouts to Knockouts Debut Episode 11-28-10

In the debut edition of From Tapoouts to Knockouts, Spug & Mase began their entrance into the world of the octogon with a recap of UFC 123: Rampage vs Machida, preview of the upcoming fight cards, who the hell is Sean McCorkle, and how limited Mase is in his MMA viewing.

2 Time Emmy Award Winner John Wesley Shipp, Kekoa, JC Westler and Sgt Corey Agin on Life is Callous

Life Is Callous With Kashmere And Dallas premiered this past Sunday November 28th on the Wild Talk Radio Network iwth three guests on the show.

First up was up-and-coming Indy wrestler J.C. Westler who talked about breaking into the business, how the interent might have hurt the business, and paying your dues the “old-school” way, and basically believability while keeping your wrestling persona separate from your real self.

Up next was “The Flash”, John Wesley Shipp, who also seen in Days Of Our Lives. Johnny and Larry talked with Shipp about identity crisis, being only as good as your last job, then your current job, then your next job, reaching out for healing from playing dark characters, and more.

Finally on the program Johnny and Larry kept in touch with our troops with a call to U.S. Army officer Corey Agin, who announced on the shwo that he just found out that he and his wife will become parents in 2011. corey is currently stationed in Korea and took time out to come onto the show. Discussion included the dangers of his posting, being stationed between “communism and freedom”. With recent hostile activity between North and South Korea, there are feelings of tension that Corey is balancing with news of his impending fatherhood and the possibility of him transferring to Afghanistan with another unit in roughly 85 days.

Catch the archive now, and remember to tune in next Sunday and every Sunday at 7:00 pm, Eastern!

CB Radio 11-27-10

This week on CB Radio, Sir Rockin was joined by Subway, Ace, Rob & Will at times throughout the show to talk about a variety of subjects, which included Thanksgiving, Black Friday Craziness, how stupid some people are and more random and weird stories, as well as three things Canada is known for. All of this, plus your phone calls & more, only on this week’s edition of CB Radio!

Bashing the Books with Mase – Issue 9

This week on Bashing the Books, Mase jumps right into the week’s new releases and another edition of “A fan’s revenge on Joe Quesada”. No fancy little extras this week but a big pile of comic book reviews.

This week’s books:

  • Batman Beyond – Issue 6 (DC)
  • Deadpool – Issue 29 (Marvel)
  • Bomb Queen – Volume 6 Issue 2 (Image)
  • Gotham City Sirens – Issue 17 (DC)
  • The Terminator 1984 – Issue 3 (Dark Horse)
  • World of Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen – Issue 1 (DC)
  • Amazing Spider-Man – Issue 649

Wrestle Talk Radio 11-21-10

This week on Wrestle Talk Radio,  Omega, Mase & Alan Wojcik reviewed WWE Survivor Series, which included the firing of John Cena and Nattie Winning the WWE Divas Championship for the first time. Plus the crew covered the latest black friday firings, a look back at old school raw and what they think is the 2nd most important ppv in the calendar year for WWE. Plus everyones favorite Quick Hits to close out the show. Check out this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio with Omega, Mase & Alan Wojcik.

CB Radio 11-20-10 Episodes 150!

The word to describe this week’s CB Radio, is throwback… As everyone got on the Shortbus and went for a ride, lead by the Original “Big Tyme Playa” Big Daddy Ace & The “Prince of Procrastination” William McConnell, as they along with Sir Rockin, Rob Parks & Subway, listened to the past and reflected on past moments of the show, as well as how far they have come in 150 Episodes. As well, very large dildos were discussed, yes, Dildos.  Also one of the most Unforgettable moments in the history of the show took place, so unforgettable that even had Syndy Synn call in to the show, just to hear it for herself, as the GOE of the CB, Rob Parks passed out and started to snore live on the air.  All of that, plus The Lone Jobber(Lone Jobber) and Keeks called in to the show as well.  Its a Throwback FOUR HOUR edition of CB Radio with Sir Rockin, Big Daddy Ace, William McConnell, Rob Parks, Subway, Syndy Synn & Lone Jobber.

Bashing the Books with Mase – Issue 8

This week on Bashing the Books, Mase makes more excuses about why there was no show last week and then gets into the book reviews and adds extras just to make up for the lack of last week’s show.

This week’s Books:

  • She Hulks #001
  • Avengers v4 #007
  • Batman: The Return #001
  • Batman Incorporated
  • Daken – Dark Wolverine #003
  • X-23 #003
  • Amazing Spider-Man #648

Also after the show “goes off the air” Mase dive into a opinion/commentary/review of the latest Harry Potter movie. He gives plenty of warning about spoilers and adds it at THE END of the show. So you have the option to stop the playback before he gets into the movie talk.

Wrestle Talk Radio 11-14-10

This past Sunday Night, we took a look at the upcoming WWE “Old School” edition of Monday Night Raw and what we thought would be taking place and who we would like to see on the show, as well as ran down the latest wrestling news involving Eric Young, Jeff Hardy and Lacey Von Erich.  Then in this week’s roundtable we looked at the career and legacy of Eddie Guerrero. All of this plus Quick Hits on this week’s eidtion of Wrestle Talk Radio.

CB Radio 11-13-10

This week’s show was the week to catch up on the latest and strangest news in the world. From Game Show Bloopers,  to stories about kids getting in trouble for farting and eating your own beard? It was all discussed and then some on this week’s CB Radio, which included TV show talk, shameless plugs and why one chatter hates the Queen.  Check it all out on this week’s edition of CB Radio with Sir Rockin, Rob Parks and Subway.