Wrestle Talk Radio 12-26-10

This week on Wrestle Talk Radio, the guys ran down the week in WWE & TNA, including  news on Jeff Hardy, The revival of Jerry Lawler’s in ring career, John Cena & CM Punk feud and More. Plus the guys reviewed the year that was in Wrestling, with their favorite matches, superstar of the year, tag team of the year and more. Check it out all on this week’s edition of WTR Sunday Night.

Dr. Robin Zasio, Star Of A&E’s “HOARDERS” On Life Is Callous

The latest edition of Life Is Callous with Johnny Kashmere is now available for streaming and/or download!

Check this show out, as Johnny interviewed the star of the A&E series, “Hoarders”, Dr. Robin Zasio. A very entertaining show, you need to check out this 45-plus minute interview! A complete range of topics were covered on this episode, and you should find it very informative programming!

CB Radio 12-25-10 The Christmas Show

The guys didnt bother to take Christmas Off, they instead decided to do a show and what a show it was.  As this week on the show Sir Rockin was joined by Rob Parks, Subway, Will  and WTR Hosts Mase, Spug & Omega for the not so traditional Christmas Special. The guys talked about what they got for Christmas, including Spug and his weapons,  so if you are near spug, run.  Plus a little WWE Encyclopedia and Smackdown vs RAW talk.  Then after a couple of phone calls, it was time for the 12 Days of CB Radio. So check it all out on this week’s edition of CB Radio.

RTR 12-17-10

This week, Brian “Maveric” Bertrand makes his return to his hosting AND producing duties. He and Nick talk about the week in wrestling including the last two weeks of TNA Impact, the WWE Slammys, and why CM Punk is Maveric’s favorite color commentator of 2010. The guys also go over “Breaking The Code: The Chris Jericho Story” DVD and the evolution from student to Canadian, Mexican, Gernman, Japanese, and then WCW and WWE wrestler. Plus: a little bit of wrestling news including an update to Martha Hart v. WWE.  Only on Running The Ropes, exclusively on the Wild Talk Radio Network!

Mase Riffs – WCW Monday Nitro – 19/01/1998

Join Mase as he gives commentary and information about WCW as it happens in front of his eyes. Relive classic matches and storylines from World Championship Wrestling at the same time Mase does. There’s no script, no censorship, all shots are fired as Mase relives his childhood memories about WCW while giving insite into the wrestling business and how much it has changed in the last 10 plus years.

This Episode: January 19, 1998

  • Rick Martel vs. Eddie Guerrero
  • Chris Benoit b vs.Mart Jannetty
  • Ernest Miller vs. Jerry Flynn
  • The Steiner Brothers vs. Buff Bagwell and Konnan
  • Booker T. vs. Mortis
  • Chris Jericho vs. Juventud Guerrera
  • Lex Luger vs. Scott Hall
  • The Giant vs. Hollywood Hogan

Wrestle Talk Radio 12-19-10

This past Sunday, the WTR Crew reviewed WWE TLC, by giving their thoughts and opinions on everything that went down, from John Cena beating Wade Barrett and the crowning of a new World Champion in the Rated R Superstar. Plus the guys ran down the news of the week and had a discussion about Concussions in Pro Wrestling. All that and Quick Hits on this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio.

Otaku Talk Live – Year End Special of Laziness

Now that the live shows are over, it’s time for the best of for the year. To celebrate the holiday season, Omega and Spug took the night off to go be with their families leaving Mase alone in the studio to do all the work. So he came up with some of the better moments from the show over the past year. So sit back and listen to the laziest OTL ever…. Because it’s all pre-recorded.

Original ECW Creator Tod Gordon and Annie Social on Life Is Callous

The latest edition of Life is Callous is now available for listening or download now!

Tune in as Johnny announces a bit of a format change to the show, then chats with Annie Social, only to catch Annie in the middle of crepes at an i-Hop in South Philly as he called her live on the show!

Johnny then talked with the creator of the original ECW, Tod Gordon. The interview took on the feel of two old friends just b.s.’ing on the phone with each other!

Catch the show now archived in its entirety right here!

CB Radio 12-18-10 “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”

The CB Radio Christmas Special aired this past Saturday Night on the Wild Talk Radio Network with your hosts Sir Rockin, Rob Parks & Subway. From jokes to songs to reasons why christmas trees are better than a woman and some more “dirty” jokes, it was a festive time, with live chatter from the chat room, which included one chatter getting their own special sound effect when they had a comment. Plus your phone calls and more, on this week’s edition of CB Radio The Christmas Special with Sir Rockin, Rob Parks and Subway.

Otaku Talk Live 12-15-10

This week on OTL: Omega and Mase recasted movies, talking Spider-Man movie ideas with Spug, found racism in World of Warcraft, Rock played sound clips and there was some geek news too. This is the final OTL for 2010 and it has all the chaos, mayhem and carnage you’ll need to tide you over till 2011… And this time, we had a body count