Wrestle Talk Radio 01-30-11

Wrestle Talk Radio was live after the WWE Royal Rumble to cover all of the fallout. From all the highs and the lows in the rumble match, to the return of Kevin Nash and Booker T in the Royal Rumble and everyone gave their candid thoughts on The Miz as WWE Champion. Plus quick hits and more all on this week’s edition of WTR Sunday Night.

CB Radio 01-29-11

This week on CB Radio Sir Rockin was joined by Mase & Tim Stein for what was a very interesting start to the show. As the boys received another “Drunk Call”, this time from the native land of Scotland, as Birthday Girl Samii called in to the show for her birthday and lets just say, you couldnt believe some of the things that she was saying. Also on the show Rob & Sub joined in, to talk about the 2011 Royal Rumble and everyone gave their thoughts and opinions on the match and the rumors of Kevin Nash joining WWE once again. Plus alot of “Soundbytes” were played and shots were taken all on this week’s edition of CB Radio.

Buddy Levy of Decoded and Daniel Kucan of Extreme Makeover and Conspiracy Theory on Life Is Callous.

Professor/author/journalist Buddy Levy of history channels new hit show
Brad Meltzer’s Decoded and Daniel Kucan of ABC’s Extreme Makeover home
Edition and TruTV’s Conspiracy Thoery w/ Jesse Ventura.

Wrestle Talk Radio 01-23-11

All the latest in the world of wrestling was covered this week on Wrestle Talk Radio, from news on Chris Jericho, Edge, The Great Khali, Kurt Angle and more. Plus the guys gave their detailed thoughts on the Royal Rumble, telling you everything they expect to see in the “biggest royal rumble ever”!

CB Radio 01-22-11

This week on CB Radio Sir Rockin was joined by Rob Parks, Subway & Mase to discuss a variety of topics, which included Football, Sterotypes, Bars in Minnesota, the top 10 bad drink ideas and other weird news stories. Also Keeks joined the show for a special present for Tim Stein, which left everyone speechless (in a good way). Then Lone Jobber returned to the program and we had some fun at his expense as well. Plus shots taken at each other and more randomness all on this week’s edition of CB Radio with Sir Rockin, Rob Parks, Subway & Mase.

Culinary Entertainment Special” Chef Mauro Castano of TLC’s Cake Boss & Next Great Baker plus Chef Angelo Sosa of Bravo’s Top Chef: with special co-host from Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen Chef Ed Battaglia

Culinary Entertainment Special Edition: Chef Mauro Catano of TLC’s Cake Boss & Next Great Baker plus Chef Angelo Sosa of Bravo’s Top Chef AllStars with special co-host Chef Ed Battaglia of Hell’s Kitchen on Fox.

Wrestle Talk Radio 01-16-11

This Sunday the boys of WTR Returned to catch up on the week in pro wrestling. Thoughts included the two Nexus Factions and which faction they think stacks up better. Also they talked in detail about Shawn Michaels being inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame and whether or not its too early and who should induct the Heartbreak Kid.  Plus “Ravenous” Randy Myers of PWA joined the program, to share some stories from his time in Stampede Wrestling and life on the road as an indy wrestler and more great stories. Tune in for all of that, plus the WTR Roundtable and WTR Quick Hits, in this “Vintage” Edition of Wrestle Talk Radio!

CB Radio 01-15-11

This week on CB Radio, Sir Rockin was joined by Subway, Mase & Spug to talk a bunch of random topics including the firing someone from WTR, the new Astrology Signs, a little kid calls the cops to report his dad to santa claus and more. Plus keeks called in to play “Guess the Lyrics”. All of this and more on this weeks edition of CB Radio!

Wrestle Talk Radio 01-09-11

This week on Wrestle Talk Radio, Tim Stein and the gang reviewed TNA’s Genesis Pay Per View, which included their thoughts on the Debut of Matt Hardy, which Mase had strong opinions on, Spug’s take on Jeff Jarrett’s MMA Exhibition and the crowning of a new TNA World Champion.  Plus the news of the week and a very funny Quick Hits.

Star of The A-List: New York & RuPaul’s Drag Race, Photographer Mike Ruiz, Mr. Gay Philly 09 Char Biggs, and PhillyGayCalendar.com Owner Steve McCann on Life Is Callous

Johnny Kashmere returned live with Life is Callous… On the show, Johnny interviewed world renowned photographer and star of Logo’s The A-List: New York & RuPaul’s Drag Race the very talented & handsome Mike Ruiz!  Also Mr. Gay Philly ’09 Char Biggs & http://www.PhillyGayCalendar.com/ owner Steve McCann!