Talk Impact Radio 03-29-11

Talk Impact Radio Episode 1 of Season 4 features favorite Talk Impact Radio Guest, Johnny Gargano.

Wrestle Talk Radio 03-27-11

This week on Wrestle Talk Radio, the guys talked about what to expect this Monday Night on Raw with John Cena, The Miz and The Rock, as well as Michael Cole’s Twitter comment and more news of the week. Plus the return of the Goofy Game Show and the Great Debate all on this weeks Wrestle Talk Radio.

CB Radio 03-26-11

This week on CB Radio Sir Rockin was joined by Rob Parks and Subway to talk about a variety of subjects, including Rob going to Wrestlemania, what if a celebrity were president and who their cabinet would be and more. Also Mase joined the show to well basically talk about his new job and how much he hates it. Then Lone Jobber called in to look back at five years of craziness that started way back when with Rock, Jobber and Will first started doing radio and what it has evolved in to. So check it all out on this week’s edition of CB Radio.

Otaku Talk Live w/Shawn Michaels 03-23-11

This week on Otaku Talk Live,  Spug & Omega got the chance to speak to soon to be WWE Hall of Famer The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. Plus the boys talked about the latest news involving the Spiderman Musical and all the latest in geek news, in this week’s episode of Otaku Talk Live.

Shawn Michaels Interview 03-23-11

Former WWE Superstar “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels stepped inside the WTR Squared Circle this past Wednesday to talk about his his charity auction for how you can win a chance to Meet Shawn Michaels and see him get inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame, along with more memories from his WWE Career.

For more information on how you can be apart of Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania Charity Raffle, log on to or by logging on to You can follow Shawn Michaels on twitter at or just log on to

Wrestle Talk Radio 03-20-11

This week on Wrestle Talk Radio, Tim Stein, Spug & Omega discussed all the latest in the world of professional wrestling. The guys took a look at the Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler feud and the involvement of Brian Christopher and JR from this past Monday, along with more discussions on The Miz, John Cena and The Rock. Plus the latest news and notes and the start of the newest WTR Great Debate all on this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio.

CB Radio 03-20-11

This week on CB Radio, Sir Rockin was joined by Mase, Rob Parks and Subway to discuss a wide variety of topics. On the show we talked about the weirdest taxes out there, weird news stories, why keeks is accident prone and weird dating sites. Plus this was the last live show for everyones favorite aussie, Mase. So check it all out on this week’s edition of CB Radio.

Wrestle Talk Radio 03-13-11

This week on Wrestle Talk Radio, we looked at the TNA Victory Road and the train wreck that was the finish to the Sting-Jeff Hardy Match and the aftermath that followed.  Plus we looked at the return of JBL and Steve Austin to WWE Programming, as well as the reuniting of Edge & Christian. Plus the debut of “WTR Rewind” where the crew rebooks an event in Wrestling History.

CB Radio 03-12-11

This week on CB Radio Sir Rockin was joined by Subway & Rob Parks to discuss a wide range of topics. On the program the tragedy in Japan was discussed, which lead to some interesting discussion about death and what it will be like in the future. Also we talked about UFC/Strikeforce Deal, the NFL Labor Agreement, how young is too young to have a baby and more news and notes, along with your phone calls, all on this week’s edition of CB Radio with Sir Rockin, Subway & Rob Parks.

Otaku Talk Live 03-09-11

This week OTL is WINNING! Because no matter how hard the guys tried not to, they always found a way to tie every topic to Charlie Sheen… And that’s it… Seriously…