Wrestle Talk Radio 05-29-11

This week on Wrestle Talk Radio, the guys welcomed Tough Enough Superstar AJ Kirsch to the program to talk all about his experience on WWE Tough Enough. Also we looked at Raw & Smackdown news and notes, plus the latest on Kharma and the next set of names in the WTR Great Debate as we continue to search for the Greatest Manager of All Time.

CB Radio 05-28-11

This week on CB Radio, Sir Rockin was joined by Rob Parks and Mase to discuss a wide range of topics. On the show, the guys talked about all the latest gossip news, the UFC Pay Per View, Stupid Criminals and more weird laws. Plus more odd news of the week all on this week’s CB Radio!

Otaku Talk Live 05-25-11

This week on OTL, Mase & Omega talked about stuff and then were joined by Spug halfway through the program and the guys run out of things to talk about… again

TI Radio Episode 9- “Three and a Half Men”

talkIMPACTradio broadcast live Monday Night following RAW with a plethora of topics discuss and debuted two new segments to the show. Cheers and Jeers. And Trendsetters! Discussed on this week’s program are Kharma’s breakdown, The bizarro “Over The Limit” pay per view, Trending topics on Twitter such as #worstlapdancesong and #deadbaby. And recognition of the tragic loss of Randy Savage and the anniversary of Owen Hart’s tragedy.

Wrestle Talk Radio 05-22-11

On a special edition of Wrestle Talk Radio, the boys paid tribute to the Late Macho Man Randy Savage, sharing memories and thoughts on his passing, along with a Special Great Debate dedicated to The Greatest Randy Savage match of all time, which left everyone laughing. Plus we ran down WWE Over The Limit. Check it all out on this week’s Wrestle Talk Radio!

CB Radio 05-21-11

This week on CB Radio Sir Rockin was joined by Rob Parks to cover a wide variety of topics. On the program we took a look at all of the news of the week from Arnold Schwarzenegger having an affair and a child, the “End of the World”, the Zombie Apocalypse, as well paying tribute to the late Macho Man Randy Savage. Plus all of the weird news you can handle all on this week’s edition of CB Radio.

Otaku Talk Live 05-18-11

In this weird week of stuff on Otaku Talk Live, the guys marvel at WORKING sniper rifles, machines guns and flame throwers…. Made out of LEGO! After a small news break, things take another turn for brain explosions as they explore the weird and stupid crazes of Planking, Teapotting & Extreme Sleeping. Prepare to be sent to the looney bin in this week’s edition of OTL with Spug, Mase & Omega

Wrestle Talk Radio 05-15-11

This week on Wrestle Talk Radio, Omega, Alan & Mase recapped TNA Sacrifice, which included the returns of Chyna & Chris Harris, along with the Main Event of Sting & Rob Van Dam. Also they previewed WWE Over The Limit, the latest on Chris Jericho, the return of Managers in Wrestling and more. Plus it was the first round of the WTR Great Debate and Quick Hits, all on this week’s Wrestle Talk Radio!

CB Radio 05-14-11

This week on CB Radio, Sir Rockin was joined by Subway and Rob Parks to look at all the wacky and weird news of the week. Plus the guys looked at some of the strangest sex laws and some dumb laws period as well. Check it all out on this week’s CB Radio.

Otaku Talk Live 05-11-11

This week on Otaku Talk Live, things start out with Mase & Spug talking Thor since Omega is too good to join his friends right away. Thor talk continues as the crew basically talks all the good parts of the movie. After the break, Spug updates everyone on his kidney stone situation. Captain America movie talk, geek news and so many dick jokes that we could change this podcast to a sex themed show. All this and more on OTL