talkIMPACTradio s4e14- Blockbuster still sucks

This week TI Radio aired immediately after CM Punk broke the internet with an instant classic promo that ended RAW abruptly. The crew covers Cheers and Jeers, Trending Topics and updates you on the immense amount of wrestling that happened over the weekend.  Absolute Intense Wrestling/CHIKARA doubleshot. Ring of Honor’s Best in the World iPPV.  Urban Wrestling Federation’s “First Blood” PPV. Free UFC Event on Versus. Anarchy Championship Wrestling’s “Queen of Queens.”  JEEZ THAT’S A LOT OF INDY WRESTLING.  Turn it up!

Wrestle Talk Radio 06-26-11

This week on Wrestle Talk Radio,  the WTR crew looked at the week in wrestling news, from CM Punk leaving WWE, the Release of Chavo Guerrero and all the other news of the week. Plus the newest Great Debate started as well, as we search for the Most Influential Woman in Wrestling History. Check it all out on this weeks Wrestle Talk Radio.

talkIMPACTradio s4 ep13

This week talkIMPACTradio was joined by EVOLVE, DGUSA, CZW, Urban Wrestling Federation and AIW star Facade. Facade joined the program for about 25 minutes to talk recent events in his career, his inspirations and what to expect from the Urban Wrestling Federation.  Also on the program a rant by Indy against Blockbuster Express that actually caused Blockbuster to contact the show the next day (for real). Cheers and Jeers, Trending Topics and more on Episode 13!

CB Radio 06-25-11

This week on CB Radio Sir Rockin was joined by Rob Parks and Subway to cover the latest in wacky and weird news.  Topics discussed on the program include Extreme Sports, the oldest lady in the world and an interesting discussion based on t hat, along with some weird news of the week. Check it all out on this week’s CB Radio.

Otaku Talk Live 06-22-11

Spug, Mase & Omega recap the latest in geek news for the week of 06-22-11

Wrestle Talk Radio 06-19-11

This week on Wrestle Talk Radio, Spug, Alan and Rock took a look at WWE Capitol Punishment, as they gave their thoughts on the ppv in general and what they enjoyed from the show. Also they gave their takes on John Cena and how fans perceive him. Then the guys transition in to a Debate that got everyone talking, Wrestling’s Most Controversial Moment. We brought up a bunch of different moments and really is a must listen to discussion. Check it all out on this week’s Wrestle Talk Radio!

CB Radio 06-18-11

This week on CB Radio, Sir Rockin was joined by Subway, Rob Parks and William McConnell to discuss all the latest weird and wacky of the week. On the program, Rock and Will discussed “Extreme Couponing” and how crazy the people are on the show, as well as the boys covered the latest weird news and played a new gamed called the “Dirty Slang Game”, that left everyone disgusted and laughing at the same time.  Check it all out on this week’s CB Radio!

Wrestle Talk Radio 06-12-11

This week on Wrestle Talk Radio,  Spug, Mase, Omega and Alan Wojcik reviewed TNA Slammiversary and gave their overall thoughts on the finishes of the matches on the show. As well on the show, the boys had a unique roundtable discussion over R-Truth and how WWE is handling the character, as well they previewed WWE Capitol Punishment. Plus it was the finals of the WTR Great Debate to crown the greatest wrestling manager of all time. Check it all on this week’s Wrestle Talk Radio.

CB Radio 06-11-11

This week on CB Radio Sir Rockin was joined by Rob Parks and Subway to discuss all the news of the week. On the show we talked about the passing of the Creator of Mad Libs and even did a few of them on the show as well, we talked about the Congressman Weiner news, which lead to a bunch of dick jokes, really, we cant write this stuff, the latest on Tracy Morgan and unusual places to go this summer, all on this week’s CB Radio.

talkIMPACTradio s4e11- TUESDAY NIGHT ACTION / Quickie – John Cena Diss

On episode 11 of talkIMPACTradio Season 4,  Swarley, SBR and Coolkdog share “cheers and jeers,”  Trending Topics, Tough Enough/RAW Review and field some phone calls. Topics discussed in the show are Swarley attending the recent FCW show, Zack Ryder on RAW, MMA Drama and Vince McMahon. Good times.
Also released this week, the debut of “TIR Quickies.”  A mini-episode that profiled rapper TKO who recorded a John Cena Diss Song is the subject of the first episode. The song and a quick interview with the rapper can be heard in this 13 minute Quickie Episode.