The Rack 06-28-12

The Rack is BACK! On the new, improved and streamlined edition of The Rack, Lindsey Ward & her producer Sir Rockin gave their opinions on all the big stories of the week in Wrestling in a new interactive format. After a show starting #Pipebomb (with some technical difficulties), we talked about the news of the week, including a WWE Diva quitting the company, JBL’s recent issues on his charity mountain tour, John Cena’s record breaking week (Make-A-Wish and his 10-year anniversary with WWE) and WWE giving towns the Jobber treatment. We also went in-depth with TNA Impact (subtitled “As AJ’s World Turns”) including the rebirth of the X Division, and the next step in the Dixie/AJ saga. We also had Brian J. Blottie from JAGRS join us to discuss the other soap opera that is AJ/Punk/Bryan/Kane and where that leads to at Money in the Bank, as well as theorizing about who will be the permanent GM will be after RAW’s 1000th episode, including a rather SCARY idea introduced by Sir Rockin . Check it all out on this week’s edition of The Rack.

Just Another God Damn Rasslin’ Show 06-27-12 Austin Aries Interview

As irreverent as the Katie Vick storyline and just as logical, it’s Just Another God Damn Rasslin Show. Hosts Jed Shaffer and Brian J. Blottie lead the cheap wood paneling of Mathew Sforcina and Scott Barry in discussing whether or not people like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Austin Aries have helped to break down the “indy guy image” to the modern mainstream wrestling fan, how to get the “smark” fan in the crowd to actually care about the wrestler in the ring, the free-fall of WWE’s stock prices and “what if” NASDAQ de-listed the WWE and their stock, John Cena and his historic 10-year dominance over the WWE (take THAT Hulk Hogan), a history of underutilized performers in wrestling and endangered status of the Jobber role. All of these moments of brilliance and blundering, and so much more, are brought to you by
In this week’s “Shoot Back” segment, we had Jed Shaffer versus Mathew Sforcina in the semi-finals, debating who is the most underutilized performer, either past or present. Don’t forget to vote at the JAGRS Facebook page ( and let your voice be heard and move one of these “deserving” contestants to the finals!
The panel was also joined by a special guest interview, from TNA Impact Wrestling’s current X Division Champion and participant in the Infinity Pro’s Grand Tournament, Austin Aries. In a nearly 30 minute interview, he talked about his upcoming title match against Bobby Roode at Destination X, which wrestlers he had enjoyed working with, the evolution of his gimmick throughout the years, if there was an “indy” stigma, what he thinks the next evolution of the business is, his views on TNA doing live programs this summer and a host of other topics.

RAW Post Show 06-25-12

This week on the “I Dig Crazy Chicks Edition” RAW Post Show, hosts Sir Rockin, Lindsey Ward and Mase recapped everything that happened on this week’s Monday Night Raw. We discussed the “crazy” events throughout RAW with AJ Lee, starting the show with the main event AGAIN this week, the TV death (for now) of Brodus Clay, the “As the World Turns” life of AJ and her men, the un-push of Zack Ryder, the weekly destruction of Health Slater by another “legend”, an interesting Cena promo and his Historic non-surprise announcement, a #MaseRant, a #Winning announcement concerning RAW’s 1000th Episode, and much, much more. All this on the RAW Post Show, brought to you by

Wrestle Talk Radio 06-24-12

This week on Wrestle Talk Radio, Omega, Mase, Lindsey Ward and Sir Rockin, recapped everything that happened this week in the wide world of Pro Wrestling. We talked about who is filling in as GM for Raw/Smackdown, our choice for who the perminant GM should ultimately be, a mini-roundtable about what will ultimately happen with John Laurinaitis and what we think will go on with Raw’s 1000th episode. Later, we had a special guest caller, the late, um great, Tim Stein and we recapped this past week’s TNA Impact including Austin Aries’s “Option C” offer and the underwhelming reveal of AJ and Dixie’s secret, as well as a John Cena Divorce Update and plotting a future creative arc for him. Plus, we had WTR staples:”Buy and Sell”, the Fancy Dancy Roundtable, the Great Debate & Quick Hits. All of this and more for FREE on this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio, brought to you by

CB Radio 06-23-12

It’s Retro Night on your only excuse to be home on a Saturday Night, CB Radio! Host Sir Rockin piloted the show solo for a while and introduced a segment called “It Came from the Voicemail”, pulling out the best (or worst) clips from Sir Rockin’s voicemail history (thank you Will, Rob and others). Then, special guests Mase, Lindsey Ward, Subway and Rob Parks called in and we got into a discussion on movies, franchise reboots, and even a discussion about (hoped for) WWE Studio projects and who would be the best star for them, competitive eating and what some of the World eating records were, a kid getting forcibly washed at school, an Arkansas clown being busted for child pornography, reminiscing about Geocities and its demise, playing an impromptu “Name that Wrestler’s MIDI “ game, harkening back to phenomenon known as ECW and picking their favorite moments of all time, and so much more! Check it all out on CB Radio, your ONLY excuse to be home on a Saturday Night, brought to you by,

Just Another God Damn Rasslin’ Show 06-20-12

Stranger than seeing AJ’s Kane/Harley Quinn outfit, it’s Just Another God Damn Rasslin Show, with hosts Jed Shaffer and Brian J. Blottie leading the cheap wood paneling of Mathew Sforcina, Ezenwa Anyawu, Neil Cathan and Mark Bontomasi in recapping this past Sunday’s “WTVE’s” No Way Out PPV, which lead to Jed Shaffer ranting on the problem of Babyface Bullying in the WWE, recapping the Host’s picks (with a 3-way tie for the win, a discussion of WWE posters, a debate about whether a Diva-centric show on the WWE Network would work and the view of women within both TNA and WWE and a roundtable discussion about wrestling finishers and the ensuing argument about which one is best.and which one is WTF-worthy

In the “Shoot Back” segment, we had Ezenwa Anyawu versus Mathew Sforcina debating if All Japan Women’s Wrestling, in its heyday, would have work in North America and don’t forget to vote at the JAGRS Facebook page to vote (

We were also joined by special guest interview, from Wolverine Pro Wrestling, “Kid Hybrid” Christopher McGinnis (@KidHybrid).

All this craziness is brought to you by

RAW Post Show 06-18-12

This week on the RAW Post Show, Sir Rockin, Lindsey Ward and Mase recapped everything that happened on the “Ding-Dong, The Witch is Dead for now” edition of Monday Night Raw. We discussed the return of Mick Foley, the announcement of past GM’s returning to help run the show and who they might be, how what should have been the night’s main event led off the show and that we had a “Harley Quinn” sighting during the match, the dissolving of Ziggler and Swagger, the Heyman/Triple H face-off, the return of Cyndi Lauper, Roddy Piper and Wedni Richter and the walk-out on the former Raw GM and his “match” with John Cena. All this and more on the RAW Post Show, brought to you by

Wrestle Talk Radio 06-17-12

This week on a special abbreviated of Wrestle Talk Radio, Sir Rockin, Lindsey Ward, Alan Wojcik and Scott Barry recapped everything that happened at WWE’s No Way Out, including the WHC starter and how Dolph is ready to break away, the absolutely AWFUL suit worn by John Laurinaitis, the EPIC tuxedo match with Santino and Ricardo which also spawned the phrase #FootCobra and #DelRioPanties, the swerve that was the ending to the last-minute addition of a Tag-Team Fatal Four Way, the confusing and continuing love square of AJ/Kane/Bryan/Punk, and the Russo-esque finish to the Cena/Show match which led ultimately to someone getting fired by the end of the night. All this, including 3 Roundtables, on the latest edition of Wrestle Talk Radio, brought to you by

CB Radio 06-16-12

It’s your only excuse to stay home, and be awake, on a Saturday night… It’s CB Radio. This week, your hosts Sir Rockin, Subway the returning and awake Rob Parks (fresh off from work), as well as special guest Lindsey Ward, discussed the weird, the wild and the wacky, including reading Twitter to find out WHY #ImSingleBecause, talking about how a woman got pregnant by watching a 3D porno…AND HER HUSBAND BELIEVED HER, Rob’s week from hell at work and why he hasn’t been around for the past few weeks, Jenny McCarthy sending nude photos to her dentist, the WBF…World Burbing Federation, calling 911 because a deli made a sandwich wrong, Ursusagalmatophilia (being aroused by Teddy bears), Meowbook, and getting caught with a waitress (after your own wedding ceremony). All of this and more on CB Radio, brought to you by

The Rack 06-14-12

On this week’s edition of The Rack, hosts Lindsey Ward and Jackie Fiest tried to make sense of what has happened in the world of Pro Wrestling including rants about WWE’s War on Twitter and parody accounts, the new season of NXT and what to expect, how NO ONE wants to face Ryback recapping the highs and lows of TNA Slammiversary and the live edition of Impact complete with Bound for Glory Series and Ninjas, predicting the WWE No Way Out PPV on Sunday and recording the picks for posterity and for bragging rights on The Rack. We also rebooked the “Embrace the Hate” storyline between Cena and Kane from the start of the year. with help from our hosts and listener RasslinFanatic, for anyone else wanting to participate, please email your rebook to All this plus Rack staples ForePlay, Sheik Tweet and Squee of the Week, all on this edition of The Rack, brought to you by!