Wake Up Call 10-05-12

It was Profundity Personified on the debut episode of Johnny Kashmere’s “Wake up Call”. After a brief hiatus from the network, Johnny brought his talents back and even made sure to bring some guess with him on his ride. Our first interview was Ashley Iocco from CBS’ Big Brother 14 to talk about spirituality, her time on Big Brother, her ‘slop date’ on the show, the status of ‘Frashley”after the show, her artistic pursuits and her views on mediation. We were also joined by the a routine guest of H2’s Ancient Aliens, Forbidden Anthropologist Micael Cremo to talk about his anthropology work, the Ancient Aliensshow, his views on the 2012 phenomenon and his plans for December 21st, his work with the Veda knowledge in India, and so much more, brought to you by Tweaked Audio.com!

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