Just Another God Damn Rasslin’ Show 01-30-13

We’re riding off the rails on this Crazy Train that is Just Another God Damn Rasslin Show! Join hosts Jed Shaffer and Brian J Blottie as they led the ever expanding Cheap Wood Panel of (in order of appearance): “Main Event Referee” John Gray, newbie Ava, Spug, Mase, and Ezenwa Anyawu as they discussed all the news and notes in the world of pro wrestling including the “elephant in the room” of the Royal Rumble and everyone general disappointment with the event, the breaking rumor about Undertaker and his possible status for the WrestleMania with a larger look at Taker’s Streak, and the possible death of the brand split and if the various singles titles should be unified. They also discussed Shane as a Gimp, cripple fights, Hornswoggle possible being the last World Heavyweight Title, quoted Kevin Smith religiously and a many number of other unholy things that may have earned us all a one way trip to eternal damnation. So, in short, just another day on Just Another God Damn Rasslin Show, brought to you by PWMania.com and MemLanePromo.com

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