Wrestle Talk Radio 06-23-13

We’ve got 100% more Canadian added on this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio! Join hosts Omega, Mase, the return to the airwaves of one Tim Stein and the producer Sir Rockin as they talked all the news and notes that was the past week of professional wrestling. They discussed the all the goings-on that happened on this week’s Monday Night RAW, including the great acting job by Mark Henry but how we feel about seeing a Cena/Henry feud, how Daniel Bryan’s injury on Monday seems to have affected summer plans, the role reversal of Del Rio and Ziggler in terms of heel and face roles and how the rest of Team Ziggler could be affected! We also discussed the Punk/Heyman/Lesnar feud that appeared to start Monday and where we see it going, the increased presence of the McMahons on-screen and if this is good for the product, the massive shake-ups on the WWE Writing and Creative staffs and what we see for the RVD’s run in WWE when he starts at Money in the Bank next month. Plus WTR staples: the Great Debate and Quick Hits; all on this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio, brought to you in part by PWMania.com and MemLanePromo.com!

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