Cheap Heat Radio 06-26-13

We’re back after a breif haitus on this week’s edition of Cheap Heat Radio and it’s time to fire up the NWO Theme and throw 4 fingers in the air because it’s WCW Night! Join hosts Scott Barry and Mathew Sforcina and, in a special appearance, former WCW announcer and TNA backstage personality Scott Hudson as they discuss all the news that’s fit to discuss or converse in the world of pro wrestling. They talked the Swagger DUI case and his proverbial slap on the wrist in escaping jail time, the start of the Bound for Glory Series in TNA, and discussed, debated and defended their choices of the WCW (Turner years) Mount Rushmore! So, do your homework for next week (WCW from 1930’s-1988), get your ideas together and CALL the show this and every week with your ideas! Scott even issued a very special challenge for any listener to earn a chance to guest host a night! All this and so much more on Cheap Heat Radio brought to you by and!

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