RAW Post Show 07-21-14

Summer has officially started to heat up on tonight’s edition of the RAW Post Show! Join hosts Sir Rockin and Lindsey as they give their immediate impacts, reactions and feelings on the 3+ hours of Monday Night RAW! They discussed the the naming of John Cena’s official SummerSlam opponent and we find out who is trying to CONQUER the champion, the Wyatts path of carnage ran right through the Highlight Reel and it’s host, Paige seemed to turn over a new leaf with her frienemy AJ, things got physical between Stephanie McMahon and a spectating Brie Bella that saw one of them led away in handcuffs and an epic promo by the master himself, Paul Heyman, to end the show! With all of this, It must mean it’s time for another edition of RAW Post Show, presented by PWMania.com & “Wrestling Figure Wednesday”!

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