OTL for Nov. 20: Comic to Movie, Part 1?

This week with Stage taking the week off (We’ll have all three back eventually) Spug and Omega went over the act of transferring one geek material to another media, specifically comic books and the like into movies. We assault Spider-Man 3 again, discuss rumors on #4, and trash on Mortal Kombar Anihilation and the travesty it was. There’s a lot more, comics to games, games to movies, so with the crew off for Thanksgiving will we come back to this topic again another time?

OTL for Nov. 14: Stage’s Video Game Night

Omega got toy collecting, Spug got miniature collecting, so tonight was the newest host’s chance to share his passion, and it’s video game night. In a largely Spug-free episode, Stage shares his opinions and favorite games, as a storytelling media, and the game series that have stood as the foundation of the industry (unlike single, more recent games like Dawn of War). It’s a two and a half hour game fest, followed by an off-topic encore with Spug.

OTL for Oct. 16th: RPG – Console vs MMO

In one corner, armed with an addiction to World of Warcraft and a chip on his shoulder named Warhammer Online, Spug defends the Massively Multiplayer Online RPG. In the opposite corner, packing a dozen Final Fantasies and hundreds of hours lost to Chrono Trigger, Omega fights for console RPGs. Moderated by guest host Stage, we hold the great role-playing video game debate! Plus lots of post-debate BS you all love. It’s an EPIC four hour Otaku Talk Live event!

OTL for Oct. 9th: …what was the topic again?

So we moved to 10:30pm EST on Thursday nights, and for our first show at the new time… I showed up late, and Spug showed up drunk. What came out was essentially an update show on previous topics, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, Marvel’s newest movies, and some Red vs Blue ranting. Then we got to the topic of Omega’s dislike of repetitive game design… followed by him admitting to the 40 Megaman games he’s played… that’s not a bone you give to Spug when he’s had one (several) too many.

OTL for Sept. 24th: STAR WARS!

A long time ago, in a podcast far, far away…. It had to happen, a geek podcast isn’t allowed to go 6 months without doing a Star Wars episode. But then again, it’s OTL, when do we ever stay on topic? Spug and Omega rage on the state of Star Wars today, from the Clone Wars cartoon to the newest game, The Force Unleashed, the prequel trilogy, as well as everyone’s favorite parody, Spaceballs! May the Force be… marketable!

OTL for Sept. 17th: Top 20 Video Game Characters

So similar to the Top Heroes, Villains, and Vixens countdown, we came across one for video game characters… and the results, honestly, were laughable. So once again it’s time to let the great debate begin as Spug and Omega go to war with their own top 20 lists. Listen in as Omega fights off the Nyquil-induced rambling and Spug talks about fuzzy little man peaches.

OTL for September 10th: CGI Cartoons

Well, we had such a big demand for Reboot during the 90s episode, we put it off… until now anyway. Spug and Omega cover everything to do with CGI cartoons, both on TV and movie, including Reboot, Beast Wars, Toy Story, right down to the bomb that was Final Fantasy: Spirits Within. And naturally, here on Otaku Talk Live, listen as we enjoy a few (many) slight (huge) derailments…

OTL for September 3rd: Warhammer Night

Due to equal time laws here at OTL, Omega’s toy discussion is countered this week by Spug’s own hobby, Warhammer, but he covers a range of miniature army games, from picking the right one, how to select the army that’s right for you, the mistakes new players make, and how to paint your army, which our host is in the midst of mental breakdown over his own painting.

OTL for August 27th: Toy Collecting

OTL listeners will know by now that Omega’s a Transformer collector, so to understand his (small) obsession he takes us through his hobby. From the different types of collectors, collector’s value, exclusives and foreign toys, and the universal aspect of all collectors hobbies known as “The Hunt”. Take a listen to get into the minds of one of OTL’s hosts. Scary thought, I know.

OTL for August 13th: We Love the 80s!

It’s 80s night on OTL! Omega and Spug dive into nostalgia as they discuss their favorite cartoons and movies, the revolutionary video games, and all the things that made the decade the renaissance age for geekdom.  And it finally happened. Find out what Omega said that completely shut down Spug’s brain!