WrestleTalk Radio July 5/08

nullA “late” edition of Wrestle Talk Radio, this show aired approximately 90 minutes late and began with an explanation/rant for the late start.

Tim and Omega break down the week in wrestling news in the absense of both Spug and Internet Dave, and just have a bit of fun with the show. Talk of the latest pay per view and the WWE draft peppered the show in its entirety.

Wrestle Talk Radio June 14

Disaster News Network takes over!  If there’s a disaster or debacle in the world of pro wrestling, the WTR nullcrew can cover it in ways no one dreams of!  Stein, Spug, Omega, and Dave go in-depth on the WWE Joke Giveaway, Hogan’s damage control fiasco, Michael Hayes and his non-PC mouth, and then to break it up, lively talk on 2nd/3rd-gen wrestlers!  Always a rollercoaster of fun and mirth! THIS IS DNN….err, WTR!

June 7th WTR: Millions; Slammiversary; More Foolishness

Dave’s late, Spug is reeeeaaaallllyy late (he wasn’t even supposed to be on the show), an old friend drops by and all hell breaks loose! Wrestle Talk Radio

We manage to squeeze in talk on the Million Dollar Giveaway, One Night Stand, killing the brand extension and ECW (PLEASE!), and preview Slammiversary. Then the karaoke Bar opens! Join us for the wild ride that always is WTR!