Hockey Show 01-16-13

Dust off your crystal balls and put Miss Cleo on speed-dial, its prediction time on The Hockey Show. Join host Tim Stein with Scott Barry and the producer Sir Rockin as they line-up the teams and decide who makes it to the second season, who won’t get out of the basement and who will do worse than Toronto (answer= no one). They also debated the merits of Calgary as a potential playoff team, the Wild’s chances and where the Flyers fit into the fold; plus read, critiqued and debated listener submissions for all the potential playoff teams as well. All of this and so much more, on the birthday of Frank Zamboni, brought to you by!

The Hockey Show 01-09-13

The padlocks have been removed from the gates and the ice has been prepped and that only means one thing, it’s time for the FIRST Post-Lockout edition of “The Hockey Show”! Join host Tim Stein, along with Scott Barry and the producer Sir Rockin as they discuss all this that wasthe lockout and the ensuing deal that was reached, as well as look forward to the season ahead. They talked about if the owners or players were hurt by the lockout more and who came out the best from this situation, if the shortened schedule benefits any particular team, the problem with Phoenix and Tim’s solution for the problem as well as everyone telling him why he’s wrong, and discussing who will be the surprises of the East and West. So, sharpen your skates and get ready for not only the NHL Season but a whole new season of “The Hockey Show”, brought to you by Memorabilia Lane (!

The Hockey Show 11-07-12

We’re lacing up the skates and dropping the puck on another edition of The Hockey Show! Join Tim Stein, Scott Barry, and Sir Rockin as face-off and talk about the latest in Lockout news, and general hockey-related news including the renewed talks between the player’s union and the owners, the possibility of a 60-game season if they reach a deal shortly, the recent canceling of the Winter Classic and the impending danger of losing the All-Star game, player salaries and hockey related revenue, the NBC/NHL TV Deal, advertising in hockey and how the Lockout has affected it and much more. So, switch up the lines and get ready for another episode of The Hockey Show, brought to you by!

Hockey Show 10-24-12

Fire up the zamboni and get your hats or octopi ready, it’s the special return of “The Hockey Show”! Join host Tim Stein, his producer Sir Rockin, and special guest Scott Barry as they discuss the NHL Lockout and tries to make sense of all the madness that’s keeping the season on hiatus. They talked about the Parise and Suter deals, the Islanders moving to Brooklyn, possible expansion talk and sites, the Phoenix Coyotes situation, the Winter Classic, how long the lockout will ultimately go, a lengthy discussion of the Lockout complete with revenue split and other details and much more. They can lock the door and gates on players and fans, but they cannot silence these hosts! All of this brought to you by!