Just Another God Damn Rasslin’ Show 04-04-12

It’s Wrestlemania in review week on Just Another Goddamn Rasslin’ Show! Scott Barry finally returns to co-host with Jed Shaffer, and a Cheap Wood Paneling of Brian Blottie, Mathew Sforcina, John Gray, Ezenwa Anyanwu and Neil Cathan as they discuss Wrestlemania XVIII and some of the fallout from Raw!

– Jed dares to criticize the Jericho/Punk match!
– Neil goes off on TWO rants!
– What lasted longer than the Bryan/Sheamus match that shouldn’t have? … and is it Miz’s fault?
– Why did Cena’s promo from the following night ruin any specialness the match with Rock may have had?

All this and more on Just Another Goddamn Rasslin Show!

Just Another God Damn Rasslin’ Show 03-21-12

This week, on Just Another Goddamn Rasslin’ Show …

Scott Barry is out yet again, so permanent guest host Brian Blottie joins Jed Shaffer, and the Cheap Wood Paneling made up of Neil Cathan, Jackie Fiest and Lindsey Ward as they discuss:

– A look back at 3 hours everybody but Jed will never get back (aka, Victory Road)!
– Raw, namely the opening and closing segments.
– Lord Tensai: good idea or just plain ludicrous?
– The return of No Way Out=a cheap copy of Lockdown. WHY?!?
– Is the gimmick PPV model a good thing?

And much more! But no call from you know who! Yeah, we were stunned too!

Just Another God Damn Rasslin’ Show 03-14-12

On this week’s Just Another Goddamn Rasslin’ Show, real life once again prevents “The Maestro” Scott Barry from joining us, so Jed Shaffer has promoted Wild Talk Radio’s Raw recapper Brian Blottie to permanent guest host position! And, sitting in on the Cheap Wood Paneling tonight, Ezenwa Anyanwu, John Gray of Real Side Of Wrestling, Mark Bontomasi and Mathew Sforcina of 411mania.com!

Up for discussion tonight:
– The very first slate of PPV predictions for the Wild Talk era, and it’s TNA’s Victory Road!
– Is WWE’s repetitive booking and extreme focus on the “big three” marquee matches starting to kill the hype of Wrestlemania?
– Is the 6-on-6 tag match at Wrestlemania the worst slap in the face to the Brand Extension?
– Oklahoma moves to ban all combat sports, and Raw is slated to hit OKC in October!
– Madusa Micelli tries to start a Twitter feud with Beth Phoenix?!?

Plus, that guy calls in again … and wait until you hear the most polite reaming you’ve ever heard, courtesy of Mathew Sforcina!

All this and much more on the Pi Day edition of Just Another Goddamn Rasslin’ Show!

Just Another God Damn Rasslin’ Show 03-07-12

There’s no Scott Barry this week, so it’s just Jed Shaffer holding down the hosting duties! Joining him are Brian Blottie, John Gray (for a period of time, at least), and BOTH of the ladies of The Rack, Lindsey Ward and Jackie Fiest! Among the myraid topics discussed:
Wade Barrett – is he running out of chances to catch on?
Drew McIntyre – why in the hell did it take so long to give him a pretty-boy gimmick?
Can The Miz get out of the doghouse?
WWE ’13, Attitude-era stars griping about paychecks for appearing in it, and if there are any stars from that era besides the obvious who’d hook us to buy the game.
Once Wrestlemania is done and gone, is TNA going to come out with guns blazing?
The Hulk Hogan sex tape … BROTHER!
Plus … yeah … HE calls in. AGAIN.

Just Another God Damn Rasslin’ Show 02-29-12

**On this week’s Just Another Goddamn Rasslin’ Show**

Jed & Scott host a Cheap Wood Paneling of Ezenwa Anyanwu, Brian Blottie, Mark Bontomasi, Neil Cathan and Joey Gay, as they discuss:

– Terry Funk’s (latest) retirement.

– The WWE Network: (dup)stepping closer to a reality, or another XFL waiting to happen?

– WWE wants the Briscoes and Adam Cole, ROH says no: is this fair?

– What is the backstage reaction in TNA to the departure of Vince Russo?

– Why is WWE considering pulling the “kayfabe” line of t-shirts?

– A wrestler wants to sue another wrestler over an injury that cost him a testicle: does he have a case, or is it a garbage lawsuit?

And speaking of balls, the guys take a call from the same guy who’s called two weeks in a row, and wind up discussing the workrate (or lack thereof) of Goldberg, the etxture of matzo balls, and the possibilities of an anti-Semitic conspiracy in WWE!

All this and much more on Just Another Goddamn Rasslin’ Show!

Just Another God Damn Rasslin Show 02-22-12

Jed & Scott host a Cheap Wood Paneling of Mathew Sforcina (of 411mania.com), Lindsey Ward (of The Rack, right here on wildtalkradio.com), John Gray (of realsidemedia.com), and Brian Blottie (of his sofa) as they discuss: Elimination Chamber and opinions from those of us who watched it; Jimmy Hart’s advice to Hulk Hogan for improving TNA involves … a dress code?; whether or not Eve’s heel turn and her dressing down by John Cena sends the wrong message to kids; the pros and cons of booking Santino Marella strong; Spug calls in again to weigh in on some topics; and … John Gray is a published author and relationships expert?!? How could he not know this? All this, and much more on this week’s episode of Just Another Goddamned Rasslin Show!

Just Another God Damn Rasslin’ Show 02-15-12

Welcome to the premier of JAGRS!! Hosts Jed and Scott introduce you to the show, take callers, and discuss the weekly news of the wrestling world! Oh, and as a side note, and a complete de-railing of the show, discuss their favorite The Rock movie!