Buddy Levy of Decoded and Daniel Kucan of Extreme Makeover and Conspiracy Theory on Life Is Callous.

Professor/author/journalist Buddy Levy of history channels new hit show
Brad Meltzer’s Decoded and Daniel Kucan of ABC’s Extreme Makeover home
Edition and TruTV’s Conspiracy Thoery w/ Jesse Ventura.

Culinary Entertainment Special” Chef Mauro Castano of TLC’s Cake Boss & Next Great Baker plus Chef Angelo Sosa of Bravo’s Top Chef: with special co-host from Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen Chef Ed Battaglia

Culinary Entertainment Special Edition: Chef Mauro Catano of TLC’s Cake Boss & Next Great Baker plus Chef Angelo Sosa of Bravo’s Top Chef AllStars with special co-host Chef Ed Battaglia of Hell’s Kitchen on Fox.

Star of The A-List: New York & RuPaul’s Drag Race, Photographer Mike Ruiz, Mr. Gay Philly 09 Char Biggs, and PhillyGayCalendar.com Owner Steve McCann on Life Is Callous

Johnny Kashmere returned live with Life is Callous… On the show, Johnny interviewed world renowned photographer and star of Logo’s The A-List: New York & RuPaul’s Drag Race the very talented & handsome Mike Ruiz!  Also Mr. Gay Philly ’09 Char Biggs & http://www.PhillyGayCalendar.com/ owner Steve McCann!

Dr. Robin Zasio, Star Of A&E’s “HOARDERS” On Life Is Callous

The latest edition of Life Is Callous with Johnny Kashmere is now available for streaming and/or download!

Check this show out, as Johnny interviewed the star of the A&E series, “Hoarders”, Dr. Robin Zasio. A very entertaining show, you need to check out this 45-plus minute interview! A complete range of topics were covered on this episode, and you should find it very informative programming!

Original ECW Creator Tod Gordon and Annie Social on Life Is Callous

The latest edition of Life is Callous is now available for listening or download now!

Tune in as Johnny announces a bit of a format change to the show, then chats with Annie Social, only to catch Annie in the middle of crepes at an i-Hop in South Philly as he called her live on the show!

Johnny then talked with the creator of the original ECW, Tod Gordon. The interview took on the feel of two old friends just b.s.’ing on the phone with each other!

Catch the show now archived in its entirety right here!

Kekoa “The Flyin’ Hawaiian”, and The Howard Stern Show’s Rev. Bob Levy on Life Is Callous

The latest episode of Life Is Callous is now available for listening or download. this week Johnny Kashmere is joined by guest co-host brother Robbie Moreno since Larry Dallas was unavailable.

Johnny’s first guest this past week was pro wrestler Kekoa “The Flyin’ Hawaiian”. They talked about the trials and tribulations of getting your name out there and being a “minority” in wrestling. Kekoa told Johnny and the live listeners that he has on occasion been told he was only being booked because of his ethnicity and they were looking for something different. Kekoa said that was fine, because it meant at least he was getting booked.

Johnny’s next guest was stand-up comedian, the Rev. Bob Levy. They started off talking a bit about sports and Bob asked if cursing on the show was allowed. Johnny next asked why Bob was called The Reverend and Bob mentioned that it was because he was dirty. They also chatted a bit about Johnny’s upcoming stand-up night and Johnny’s willingness to humiliate himself nightly in front of large groups of people, to which Bob said that and alcohol was all you needed.

Since Corey Agin was unreachable, the last segment of the show Johnny and Robbie talked about the Bob Ley interview, being a comedian, when it might be appropriate to curse, spirituality, and more. Listen to the archived show now!

2 Time Emmy Award Winner John Wesley Shipp, Kekoa, JC Westler and Sgt Corey Agin on Life is Callous

Life Is Callous With Kashmere And Dallas premiered this past Sunday November 28th on the Wild Talk Radio Network iwth three guests on the show.

First up was up-and-coming Indy wrestler J.C. Westler who talked about breaking into the business, how the interent might have hurt the business, and paying your dues the “old-school” way, and basically believability while keeping your wrestling persona separate from your real self.

Up next was “The Flash”, John Wesley Shipp, who also seen in Days Of Our Lives. Johnny and Larry talked with Shipp about identity crisis, being only as good as your last job, then your current job, then your next job, reaching out for healing from playing dark characters, and more.

Finally on the program Johnny and Larry kept in touch with our troops with a call to U.S. Army officer Corey Agin, who announced on the shwo that he just found out that he and his wife will become parents in 2011. corey is currently stationed in Korea and took time out to come onto the show. Discussion included the dangers of his posting, being stationed between “communism and freedom”. With recent hostile activity between North and South Korea, there are feelings of tension that Corey is balancing with news of his impending fatherhood and the possibility of him transferring to Afghanistan with another unit in roughly 85 days.

Catch the archive now, and remember to tune in next Sunday and every Sunday at 7:00 pm, Eastern!