Bashing The Books: At the Movies – Avengers Age of Ultron

Join Mase and Omega as they try to stay on track as they talk about Avengers: Age of Ultron. Comparison to comic books and other movies are all over the place, just like this podcast. Be warned though, this podcast will contain those dreaded spoilers!

Bashing the Books: At the Movies – Guardians of the Galaxy

Grab your copy of Awesome Mic Vol.1 and join Mase and Omega as they discuss Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy! Together, the guys talk everything from characters, to plot (WARNING: SPOILERS INVOLVED!!), quotes and much much more.

Bashing The Books At The Movies: Transformers Age of Extinction!

On this edition of Bashing The Books At The Movies, Mase takes time to sit down and record thoughts on the new Transformers movie… But he’s not alone. Joining Mase on this adventure into Machael Bay World is Omega! The two sit down for 2 HOURS andget into everything; the good, the bad, and the explosions.

As usual, spoiler warnings are needed as the boys discuss the plot, characters and everything in between.

Mase vs PAX Aus – Dynasty Warriors 8 Interview

In this final interview from PAX Australia, Mase takes some time to go play video games or something, leaving his cameraman William Chao to take on Dynasty Warriors 8 Director Atsushi Miyauchi.

In the interview, William talks about the game in general, but also goes into Atsushi Miyauchi’s past as a programmer himself as well as getting a bit personal with the Three Kingdom series. All this is done with a translator handy, so we don’t need subtitles!

Note: This interview is in RAW format, so the levels might be a bit off as it was recorded in the Expo Hall

Mase vs PAX Aus – Black Annex Interview

The first ever interview from Mase during his time at PAX Australia.

In this interview Mase talks to the creator of Black Annex, Lance McDonald. They talk about how the game came about, the influences and why Lance decided to go back in time with everything from the look of the game to the programming language that was used.

Note: Audio is in RAW format so the levels are all over the place.

Otaku Talk Live 10-12-11

This week on OTL, Spug & Omega interview Louden Noxious of Kaiju Big Battel. Plus Foodtaku Talk and all the latest geek news, all on Otaku Talk Live.

Otaku Talk Live 10-05-11

Catch up on all the latest geek news, including the death of Steve Jobs, all on the first Mase-less edition of Otaku Talk Live with Spug & Omega.

Otaku Talk Live 09-07-11

This week on OTL, with the absense of Omega, Spug & Mase decide to talk about the political nature of the world and also a bunch of religious retards. See the most intelligent show Spug & Mase put together this week on Otaku Talk Live

Otaku Talk Live 08-31-11

This week on Otaku Talk Live, it’s Face-Palm-O-Rama week as some of the stupidest things humanity can do are discussed by Omega, Mase & Spug. Matt Hardy, Apple employees losing unreleased new iPhones… Again, a geek site editor who dislikes dating geeks posts her experience on a geek site, $20,000 in currency sells for $21,350 as “art”, and much more this week on OTL

Otaku Talk Live 08-24-11

Catch up on all the latest geek news on this week’s Otaku Talk Live with Spug, Mase & Omega.