talkIMPACTradio s4e22- Chris Masters

During his 45 minute interview with talkIMPACTradio on Tuesday Night, Chris Masters covered a wide array of topics and did not shy away from any question submitted.

talkIMPACTradio s4e20- Pardon the Interruption

After finding success with a string of “Around the Horn” emulations, the gang parodies another popular ESPN program, Pardon the Interruption. In this hilarious but informative program we discuss RAW, Mickie James, Black Friday and live role play interviews with Hulk Hogan, Triple H, R Truth and Vince Russo (twice).  What?  Must listen.

talkIMPACTradio s4e19- uhh, it’s August

talkIMPACTradio kicks off August with a fun roundtable show. Despite the phone lines being down, Indy, Swarley and Coolkdog had plenty to discuss. This show saw the return of Cheers and Jeers. Discussion included..  Should John Cena turn heel and CM Punk officially be face?  What is TNA doing with this Sting Joker character? Why is the Nexus still a team? The dawning of a new Attitude era, What’s in store at SummerSlam and so much more.

talkIMPACTradio s4e18: John Piermarini

Former WWE Writer John Piermarini was the guest on the latest installment of talkIMPACTradio.
John discussed his tenure with WWE and gave a very interesting and rare view on the life of a WWE writer.
Some topics covered were:
-Becoming a WWE Writer.
-Developing the characters of The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger.
-A day in the life of a WWE writer.
-Drama surrounding WWE wanting to make Randy Orton win the Money in the Bank.
-Frustrations with the company
This was an extremely fun interview to listen to as it’s not often you get to talk to the pencil of WWE Television.

talkIMPACTradio Quickie #4

Making his second appearance on the program, ACH joined us for TIR Quickie #4.  The “Quickie” series has taken off and solidified itself as a fast paced version of the program that gets right down to business.
In this interview we discuss ACH being ranked #2 in the Texas Top 100, His battles with Chris Hero, Davey Richards, MASADA, Darin Childs and many others, field a few phone calls and collect his thoughts on a few things such as R.D Evans and Gregory Symonds.

talkIMPACTradio s4e15- BJ Whitmer

This week on talkIMPACTradio we were joined by independent wrestling legend, BJ Whitmer. BJ discussed everything and anything from his Ring of Honor career, his retirement from wrestling, his return, his thoughts on Gabe Sapolsky, CM Punk, Sami Callihan, and Eddie Kingston. BJ even talked about the horrors of cutting and bleaching his hair.

talkIMPACTradio s4e14- Blockbuster still sucks

This week TI Radio aired immediately after CM Punk broke the internet with an instant classic promo that ended RAW abruptly. The crew covers Cheers and Jeers, Trending Topics and updates you on the immense amount of wrestling that happened over the weekend.  Absolute Intense Wrestling/CHIKARA doubleshot. Ring of Honor’s Best in the World iPPV.  Urban Wrestling Federation’s “First Blood” PPV. Free UFC Event on Versus. Anarchy Championship Wrestling’s “Queen of Queens.”  JEEZ THAT’S A LOT OF INDY WRESTLING.  Turn it up!

talkIMPACTradio s4 ep13

This week talkIMPACTradio was joined by EVOLVE, DGUSA, CZW, Urban Wrestling Federation and AIW star Facade. Facade joined the program for about 25 minutes to talk recent events in his career, his inspirations and what to expect from the Urban Wrestling Federation.  Also on the program a rant by Indy against Blockbuster Express that actually caused Blockbuster to contact the show the next day (for real). Cheers and Jeers, Trending Topics and more on Episode 13!