talkIMPACTradio s4e11- TUESDAY NIGHT ACTION / Quickie – John Cena Diss

On episode 11 of talkIMPACTradio Season 4,  Swarley, SBR and Coolkdog share “cheers and jeers,”  Trending Topics, Tough Enough/RAW Review and field some phone calls. Topics discussed in the show are Swarley attending the recent FCW show, Zack Ryder on RAW, MMA Drama and Vince McMahon. Good times.
Also released this week, the debut of “TIR Quickies.”  A mini-episode that profiled rapper TKO who recorded a John Cena Diss Song is the subject of the first episode. The song and a quick interview with the rapper can be heard in this 13 minute Quickie Episode.

Talk Impact Radio 05-30-11

On the latest installment of TI Radio, Week 2 of “Cheers and Jeers,” that include SBR’s 45 minute experience of watching iMPACT Wrestling, R Truth breaking RAW, Sundresses and more. Also on the show, “Trending Topics,” such as “#SeriousQuestions” which results in hilarity. It’s TI Radio, Turn it up!

TI Radio Episode 9- “Three and a Half Men”

talkIMPACTradio broadcast live Monday Night following RAW with a plethora of topics discuss and debuted two new segments to the show. Cheers and Jeers. And Trendsetters! Discussed on this week’s program are Kharma’s breakdown, The bizarro “Over The Limit” pay per view, Trending topics on Twitter such as #worstlapdancesong and #deadbaby. And recognition of the tragic loss of Randy Savage and the anniversary of Owen Hart’s tragedy.

Talk Impact Radio 05-12-11

SBR, Indy and Coolkdog broadcast live on a special mid day edition of talkIMPACTradio. The crew discuss Randy Orton winning the Smackdown Championship within days of being on the show. TNA’s name change. Jeff Kantz’s Wrestling Revolution.. An obscure Patton Oswald movie discussion and so much more!

Talk Impact Radio 05-06-11

On this week’s installment of talkIMPACTradio, We celebrated the big birthday of the week.  No, Not The Rock.  SBR turns 22.  More importantly, He.. Along with Swarley, share thoughts on the news of the week ranging from Extreme Rules, Bin Laden’s death, RAW and as always some usual TNA bashing.

Talk Impact Radio 4-20-11

A hysterical roundtable discussion of many topics including but not limited to the horrible R Truth smoking segment, Kurt Angle’s traveling death circus, Hogan .vs. Sting, Does Christopher Daniels have a place in TNA?  Who would have did better at WrestleMania,  The Rock or Brock Lesnar?  Is iPPV the new DVD?  And sooo much more.

Talk Impact Radio 04-13-11

A very emotional interview with Bryce Remsburg conducted just hours after Larry Sweeney passed.

Talk Impact Radio 03-29-11

Talk Impact Radio Episode 1 of Season 4 features favorite Talk Impact Radio Guest, Johnny Gargano.