Wake Up Call 01-04-13

Alien Abductee and co-founder of ICAR, Joe Montaldo joined Johnny Kashmere from New Orleans for his “Wake-Up Call” this week to discuss a multitude of topics including the International Center for Alien Research, his experiences with being abducted by extraterrestrials, what kinds of events led him to be involved into his studies on aliens, jis involvement with MUFON, the Betty and Barney Hill case and his reevaluation of the findings, reptilian aliens and their effect on humankind, and more! This 2-hour interview has to be heard to be believed! For more information on ICAR, go to www.icar1.com or you can also visit Joe’s personal website at www.alienenigma.com. You can also hear archives of Joe’s “UFO Undercover” show on www.paranormalradionetwork.org.

Wake Up Call 12-28-12

This week on Johnny Kashmere’s “Wake Up Call“, we finished up 2012 by bringing in two exciting guests for our listeners! First up, we had host of SyFy’s “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” and former FBI Agent Ben Hansen to talk about many topics including accomplishing so much before 36, how the show was created and the idea came about, how he went from being an FBI agent to his current field, what some of his most notable cases were, spotting CGI in faked videos, his knowledge with UFOs and more. Ben can be seen on SyFy’s “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files”, please check your local listings for channel availability and show times.

Johnny was also joined by Physics professor Greg Perugini to discuss astrophysics, strong force theory, the possibility of existence being a simulation, the Higgs Boson particle, the “white powder of gold” theory, the human race as an experiment or part of a cosmic zoo, the idea of multiple universes, black holes and accretion discs, chaos theory and time travel and much more.

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Wake Up Call 11-23-12

Michael Tellinger Author/TV Producer Michael joined Johnny live from South Africa to talk about many topics including his theory that sound is the source of all things and the source used to move the ancient monolithic stones with ease. Other topics include: Adams Calendar, Stonehenge, Scimatics, The Annunaki, magnetics, global energy grids, mono-atomic gold aka “Mana from heaven”, South African stone circles (over 10million in existence), December 21, 2012, double tauroid vortices, 31degrees Lattitude and much more. His book “Slave Species of The Gods” has been re-released in America and is available in book stores everywhere. This interview is aprox. 90minutes long and Michael makes it go by like it were 20 minutes, he’s a very gifted eloquent speaker who really captivates attention. http://www.MichaelTellinger.com

Wake Up Call 11-16-12

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower – The Great-Granddaughter of Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower joined Johnny for an intimate, informative interview. Laura is a cosmic mythologist, global alchemist, clairvoyant healer, Earth advocate & artist. Laura talked about the Sophia/Magdalene Energy, the return of The Divine Femine to Earth in 2012, her great grandfather’s ghost she afffectionately calls “Ike”, how she was a target of “sophisticated recruitment into the Illuminate’s Mars Colony, her belief in self-proclaimed time traveler Andrew Basiago, the Gnostic Traditions, Gaia Energy, Our Creation, Lilith, Unity Consciousness, Kim Karlsberg’s alien abductions, chakra counseling, and project Looking Glass amongst other topics. Her website is http://www.CosmicGaia2012.com, she can be heard weekly on Tuesdays 6PM PST on http://www.AwakeInTheDreamRadio.com.

Wake Up Call 11-09-12

Alien, Prophecy & Mothman researcher and lecturer L.A. Marzulli joins Johnny this week on the Wake Up Call to discuss a broad range of topics including the presidential election and what the results mean for the country, the current political climate in America and how history and prophecy play a role in it, the Bible and the role Israel plays in a host of ideas including 2012, the Nephilim and their true nature including among the Ancient Egyptians, Aliens and their role in human history and technology, The Mothman and so much more. For more information on L.A. you can visit his website at www.lamarzulli.net or visit his personal blog at lamarzulli.wordpress.com to keep up with the latest from him. All of this brought to you by TweakedAudio.com, “Grab a Pair, Get Tweaked!”

Wake Up Call 10-26-12

“Mr. Astrotheology” Santos Bonacci joins Johnny live from Melbourne, Australia for this in-depth factually jam-packed interview. Bonacci shows his encyclopedic mind at work as he touches on various topics such as Dec 21, 2012; “The Holy Science”; The Unified Field Theory (Theory of Everything); books and lecturers he recommends; explains The Strong Force in physics in understandable terms; his newly coined term “Synchrotism” (expect a youtube lecture coming soon on this topic from Bonacci); the holy chrism or oil; and an entirely NEW perspective onThe Holy Bible. This is a must hear interview for all Astrotheology students and spiritualists in general. For more lectures search “Santos Bonacci” on Youtube.com. Original Air Date October 26, 2012 on http://www.WildTalkRadio.com and sponsored by TweakedAudio.com “Grab a pair…get Tweaked!”.

Johnny Kashmere’s Wake Up Call 10-19-12

Author of “The Book of Truth: A New Perspective on the Hopi Creation Story” and “Its Stonehenge if this is East”, Thomas O.Mills joins Johnny in this episode of The Wake Up Call. Thomas relates the entire Hopi Creation story on the air and discusses a wide range of other topics including answering the question of “How did the ancients illuminate the caves and pyramids to carve their paintings and draw on the walls?”. Other topics: 2012, Stonehenge, Easter Island, The Nazka lines of Peru, The building of the pyramids, The three previous worlds, The polar ice melts, Stabilizing the Earth, Spider-Woman?!, The Great Wall of China & Wormholes.

Wake Up Call 10-05-12

It was Profundity Personified on the debut episode of Johnny Kashmere’s “Wake up Call”. After a brief hiatus from the network, Johnny brought his talents back and even made sure to bring some guess with him on his ride. Our first interview was Ashley Iocco from CBS’ Big Brother 14 to talk about spirituality, her time on Big Brother, her ‘slop date’ on the show, the status of ‘Frashley”after the show, her artistic pursuits and her views on mediation. We were also joined by the a routine guest of H2’s Ancient Aliens, Forbidden Anthropologist Micael Cremo to talk about his anthropology work, the Ancient Aliensshow, his views on the 2012 phenomenon and his plans for December 21st, his work with the Veda knowledge in India, and so much more, brought to you by Tweaked Audio.com!

You can follow Johnny on Twitter (@JohnnyKashmere) or through his Facebook (www.facebook.com/johnny.kashmere). Ashley can be followed on her Twitter (@AshleyIocco) or through her Facebook (www.facebook.com/ashleyIocco) or www.brozique.com. Michael can be followed on Twitter (@MichaelCremo), his personal website (www.mcremo.com) and through his Official Facebook, www.facebook.com/MichaelCremoItsReallyMe. You can also see Michael on H2’s Ancient Aliens, call your local cable provider for channel availability and show times.