Wrestle Talk Radio 1-17-10

This week on Wrestle Talk Radio, we broke down the TNA Pay Per View Debut of Hulk Hogan to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match between Kurt Angle and AJ Styles, along with TNA’s Decision to go back to a Four Sided Ring. We also took a look at the latest news in the world of wrestling involving Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy, as well we continued our latest Great Debate, as we are in search for the Greatest Royal Rumble Winner of All Time.

OTL 01/12/10: Movie Fest

This week on OTL, as spug tried to control his atomic gas issues, the crew talked about the biggest upcoming movies from Transformers 3, Rocky 7, Spiderman 4 and many more. Also, Spug gives an update on the WTR Dwarf Tossing Team and Omega voices his disdain for Midgets.(Warning: there are some really tasteless jokes in this show, so if we offended you, We are truly sorry).

Anything Goes 01-13-10

On a Special Wednesday Night Edition of Anything Goes, Syndy Synn was joined by Nick from Running the Ropes to discuss a variety of topics which included :

What are Five Essential Things to a good sexual relationship?

how do you know if her needs are met without asking Or her telling?

Why does a man’s life seem to always revolve around how big his cock is?

What do men prefer a big ass or big tit’s?

Does noise durring sex, turn you on more?

Do guys like it when there called daddy in bed?

What is the most perverted thing that you have ever done to someone of the same sex?

We took your phones calls & questions on this week’s edition of Anything Goes with Syndy Synn.

Wrestle Talk Radio 01-10-10

This week on Wrestle Talk Radio, the WTR Crew took a look at the fallout from the Monday Night Wars, as they gave their thoughts on TNA Impact and WWE Raw and what should happen from here on out, as well took a look at what WWE should do for the WWE Title Match at the Royal Rumble. Also we started a new Great Debate, trying to crown the Greatest Royal Rumble Winner of All Time.

CB Radio 01-09-10

This week on CB Radio, Sir Rockin, Syndy Synn & Rob Parks had a variety of interesting discussions, which as always included the usual back and forth banter between the three hosts, along with Syndy Synn’s Big Announcement that shocked many in the chat room. Also on the program, Lone Jobber joined the program to play some Extreme Dreidel. Find out who won and more on this week’s edition of CB Radio with Sir Rockin, Syndy Synn & Rob Parks.

OTL 1/5/2010: Random BS Night!!!!

This week on OTL, things got out of hand, with no topic, Spug, Mase, Omega and Will talked about everything from Wrestling to Photoshop pictures to yes, even Midgets! All that and more on this weeks edition of Otaku Talk Live!

Anything Goes 01-07-10

On a very special Late Night Edition of Anything Goes, Syndy Synn was joined by Running The Ropes Maveric and Nick, along with CB Radio’s Rob Parks & Sir Rockin to cover a variety of topics which included :

Way’s to set the mood, what works what doesnt?

Sexual fantasies.. IF your partner asks you to wear something you normally wouldn’t.. would you ?

Who copes with a lack of sex better? Men or Women?

What is the best type of music to get someone in the mood?

Is the thought of being caught or being watched during a sexual act, a turn off or a turn on? Would you ever let someone watch you have sex or perform a sexual act?

Check out this week’s edition of Anything Goes with Syndy Synn.

Wrestle Talk Radio 01-03-10

On the program this evening, we looked at the what is shaping up the be the Biggest Night in Pro Wrestling, with the returns of both Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan. Also on the program we looked at the passing of Steve “Dr. Death” Williams and more. We were also joined by Wrestling News Live’s The Trey Dawg some some interesting discussion. Check out this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio!

Monday Night Retro 01-04-10

The biggest night in the history of our sport as TNA Impact goes head to head against WWE RAW in the return of the Monday Night Wars! In that fashion WTR teamed up with OWW and WNL to present Monday Night Retro! Join Nick Anthony from OWW Radio, The Trey Dawg of WNL, along with Tim Stein and the WTR crew as they discuss the return of the wars, the surprises, the return of Hogan & Hart, plus listener calls and opinion, on the Biggest Night in Wrestling Radio.

CB Radio 01-02-10: The Dawg’s In The House

Who knew, but CB Radio kicked off the new Decade of Wild Talk Radio Programming, with a Bang. As Sir Rockin was joined by the resident Aussie Mase and they were able to drop a big announcement on the WTRN Listeners. As on the program, WTR Head Honcho, Tim Stein chimed in to let everyone know that on Monday Night, WTR would be doing a Special Wrestling Show following RAW & Impact, along with OWW Radio. The announcement didnt stop there however, as Tim Stein also brought on a special guest as well, which is The Trey Dawg from Wrestling News Live, to announce that he is going to be apart of the program as well. Big News, Big Excitement and some good old fashion Wrestling Talk on this week’s edition of CB Radio.