Wrestle Talk Radio 12-14-08: WWE Armageddon WrapUp

Wrestle Talk Radio return to the aiwaves tonight with The Spug Guy & Omega to recap everything that went down during the latest WWE PPV offering known as Armageddon. Spug & Omega recaped the event including Jeff Hardy winning th eWWE Championship in the Main Event. Also the current state of Heels and Faces in the WWE and what they would do to change things in the WWE. Check out all of that and more and also get an update on when you may hear Wrestle Talk Radio Again on the Wild Talk Radio Network!

Cigarette Butts & Bandanas 12-13-08

The latest of Cigarette Butts & Banadanas is now online. On the program this week, after dealing with Computer & Net Issues for Five Hours,  CB Radio finally took to the airwaves and provided some unique moments including trying to find one of the hosts of the Program, William McConnell, Some Lovin via Craigslist. So listen to what the listeners of the program came up with for William McConnell and if he got a response to the ad. Also, CB Radio takes a look at the KJOB Call Out Caroling Contest by playing examples of past call outs. Tune in to all of that and more on the Latest Edition of Cigarette Butts & Bandanas Hosted by “Big Tyme Playa” Big Daddy Ace, Sir Rockin & “The Answer” William McConnell

Across The Field 12-11-08: The Return Episode!

12-11-2008 Across The Field finally returned to the air waves. The originals were back, Spug and DL talk BCS and Hiesman Finalists and the snubs. Some short news about Baseball’s winter meetings and NFL playoff projections. Tune in again next week at 6pm est on Thursday as we take our weekly march Across The Field!

Otaku Talk Live 12-11-08: The Customer Service Edition

This weeks topic on Otaku Talk Live was Customer Service, as The Spug Guy and Omega told horror stories about dealing with Customer Service especially with a company called Hasbro. Also on the program, Spug and Omega talked about their Black Friday Stories, Shared some Christmas Miracles with the chatters, also got in to some Wrestle Talk on the Radio, sounds like it should be a name of a show, as they broke down the upcoming WWE PPV Armageddon. Plus The Spug Guy delivered a Very Special Top Five List for the host of TK’s Tirade, TK. Listen to all of that and what other tangents they went on in this weeks edition of Otaku Talk Live.

Fire On Ice 12/06/08: Avery, Team Play, NHL Locations and Dumb-Asses

This special edition of Fire On Ice took place this past Saturday, december 6th, as a result of the loss of internet during the original airing last Wednesday night. The first 30 minutes of the program presented what happened Wednesday, with talk about “The Sean Avery Incident”. A caller named Spug argued against a suspension for Avery for his comments prior to Tuesday night’s game between the Flames and the Dallas Stars. Talk turned to a comparison between hockey athletes and athletes from other pro sports. This in turn led to a discussion of how the NHL doesn’t work south of the Mason-Dixon line of the USA, with discussion on where would be a good venue for an NHL team.
When we came back live, Avery’s suspension status was updated with the same caller clarifying his stance, saying he was atrguing against the term “indefinite suspension”. with that, a conference between Spug and Tony — both listeners — further discussed options for NHL teams, including placing one in Saskatchewan, perhaps Moose Jaw, of all places!
Of course we unveiled the latest Dumb Ass list as well! All this and more on the latest edition of Fire On Ice.
Remember, this Wednesday’s Fire On Ice webcast will immediately follow Calgary’s game against the Detroit Red Wings! See you in the chatroom then!

Cigarette Butts & Bandanas 12-06-08

The latest of Cigarette Butts & Bandanas hosted by “Big Time Player” Big Daddy Ace,  “Godfather of Extreme” Rob Parks & Sir Rockin aired this past saturday night.  Some of the subjects talked about, the WWE Slammy Awards, Good Will Hunting The Movie, Boston Accents and of course, the AVN Porn Awards. Tune in to all of the No Limit Excitement in this week’s edition of Cigarette Butts & Bandanas.

Otaku Talk Live 12-04-08:RPG’s, Models & More!

This week on OTL, Stage took the reigns of the show to start off with and discussed the one topic that he knows RPGS. Later on the program, Spug joined Stage to talk about some random subjects, including Spug’s Obessession, Painting Models. Check out all of the usual OTL Bantar in this weeks Edition of Otaku Talk Live with Stage & Spug!

Cigarette Butts & Bandanas 11-29-08

The Uncensored Radio Show known as Cigarette Butts & Bandanas made its debut and it didnt disappoint. Talking everything from classic CB Radio Moments to creating some moments that made most of the chat room go “Wow”. Catch all of the R Rated Entertainment as Cigarette Butts & Bandanas Debuted on the Wild Talk Radio Network.

Fire On Ice Nov. 26: We Get “Iggy” With The Grey Cup Champs!

The latest edition of Fire On Ice started off with a tribute to the Calgary Stampeders football club, the 2008 Grey Cup Campions, making Calgary once again a championship city! If you missed the live webcast, you also missed the video tribute that went with the audio salute: Clips and images from the game last Sunday.
From there the show officially kicked off with talk about Tuesday’s game against the L.A. Kings in the Flames’ 6-2- victory, form the team continuing to buy into the current system, to Craig Conroy’s 4 points, To Jarome Iginla. It was broken down how many games Iginla would need to catch Al MacInnis on the all-time points list, to catching Theo Fleury on the list, provided he maintains his current 1.18 points per game pace this season.
Also looked at was Iginla’s percieved invidibility this season so far, despite being on pace for a 50 goal season yet again. Saddledome fans were discussed, the apparent trade rumour of Adrian Aucoin, Mike Cammalleri’s ice time and more!
Catch the latest podcast of the show now, and send your feedback to admin@wildtalkradio.com!

OTL for Nov. 20: Comic to Movie, Part 1?

This week with Stage taking the week off (We’ll have all three back eventually) Spug and Omega went over the act of transferring one geek material to another media, specifically comic books and the like into movies. We assault Spider-Man 3 again, discuss rumors on #4, and trash on Mortal Kombar Anihilation and the travesty it was. There’s a lot more, comics to games, games to movies, so with the crew off for Thanksgiving will we come back to this topic again another time?