Across The Field 1-08-09: Mark “Munch” Bishop Live!

On Jan 8th edition of Across The Field, Mark “Munch” Bishop from ESPN 850 in cleveland joined the guys to discuss the new head coach hiring by the browns, the buckeyes BCS appearance and the red hot cavaliers. Plus Spug and DL discussed OSU running back Chris “Beanie” Wells declaring for the NFL draft and the introduction of the Old Yeller List. Plus Much More….Don’t Miss Out tune in live at 6pm every thursday on Wild Talk Radio.

TK’s Tirade 1-06-09

TK’S Tirade took a different twist this week. Joining TK were Cerny, The Spug Guy. Dl Havoc, and Tony and the group held a roundtable and brokedown the Ohio State Buckeyes upset of Texas and looked ahead to next season. Also the group discussed the failure of the Browns season. A caller called in and gasve his strong opinions that sparked a hot discussion. TK gave his usual Jackass Club Update. Check all that out and more on this weeks TK’s Tirade!

Cigarette Butts & Bandanas 01-03-09

This week on CB Radio, it was Big Daddy Ace’s birthday and William McConnell gave Big Daddy Ace a thought to remember, well for Big Daddy Ace, he hopes to forget it, as it wasnt the most pleasant of thought. Also on the program, the chat room asked some very unusual questions and got some unusual from the show experts. So check all of it out on this week’s edition of Cigarette Butts & Bandanas.

Otaku Talk Live 01-01-09 : 2008 & 2009 Movies

The OTL Crew returned to the airwaves and kicked off the new year right, by catching up on everything that has transpired over the Christmas Holiday, including a few stories of how they celebrated their holidays. The crew then turned their attention on breaking down the year in Movies for 2008 and then previewing what is to come in 2009 regarding Geek related movies. Check out the latest edition of Otaku Talk Live with The Spug Guy & Omega.

TK’s Tirade 12-30-08

Tonight TK did the show with self proclaimed Yankee fan Chad Schmock. TK and Chad discussed the  Browns head coaching and GM situation. Also the duo got into some good baseball talk discussing the Yankees and Indians off season moves.  TK finally fired back at the “ATF Generals” and gave a brand new updated jackass list. A challenge was also extended. Check all that out and more on this edition of TK’s Tirade!

Wrestle Talk Radio 12-28-08:Year End Review

As the year comes to an end, the Wrestle Talk Radio Crew decided to come together and take to the airwaves to talk about the year 2008, whether it was their likes or their dislikes, they talked about the good, bad and ugly in professional wrestling.  Listen as Spug, Omega, Nick & DL Havok break down the year in wrestling and also talk about the future in Wrestling and the future of Wrestle Talk radio on

Cigarette Butts & Bandanas 12-27-08

This past Saturday Night, CB Radio capped off the year the right way, by providing some unforgetable moments that you will not believe that you heard. Heres a little hint, one of the hosts was actually in a good mood and one was drunk, that combination alone, means tremendous radio. So Join Big Daddy Ace, Sir Rockin,  William McConnell & Rob Parks for this week’s edition of Cigarette Butts & Bandanas, as the show ends with one unforgettable moment.

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Cigarette Butts & Bandanas 12-20-08

This past Saturday Night Cigarette Butts & Bandanas returned to the airwaves of the Wild Talk Radio Network and some of the topics on the show included some interesting sports conversation with host of TK’s Tirade, TK, also the gang caught everyone up on what happened with the Craigslist Ad that was put up the week prior, as well as the gang talked about everything you had to say in the live WTR Chatroom, along with plugging some of the upcoming events including the KJob TV Holiday Special and the KJOB Callout Caroling Contest. Listen to hosts,  Big Daddy Ace, Sir Rockin, Rob Parks & William McConnell talk about all of that and more on the latest edition of Cigarette Butts & Bandanas.