Otaku Talk Live 08-11-09

This week on Otaku Talk Live, the duo decided to take a look at some interesting Fantasy Cars and exactly how they would use them and what they would change, from the famous Batmoblie to Transformers. Then Spug & Omega took a look at some interesting geek news and more.

TK’s Tirade 08-11-09

TK made his return to the WTR family tonight. On the redebut TK broke down his thoughts on Michael Vick and Donte Stallworth. TK also gave praises to the new Browns Coach and loves how he is trying to restore order to a once proud franchaise. TK looked breifly at the Cavs schedule and gave his true thoughts to anyone who thinks Lebron James is leaving Cleveland. TK also gave his stste of The Cleveland Indians address, and ripped the entire organization apart. TK also had the feel good story of the night and brought back the famous Jackass Club! But he wants you the listener to vote on the new President, and Vice President of this famous club! All that and more on this edition of TK’s Tirade.

Wrestle Talk Radio 08-09-09

On this past sunday night’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio, Tim Stein, Spug, Omega and the rest of the WTR Crew broke down some of the bigger stories in Wrestling. From the return of Matt Hardy, the tease return of the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, the CM Punk Heel Turn and more. Plus we introduced WTR’s newest segment, crowning the All Time Greatest Tag Team. Check out the latest edition of WTR Sunday Night!

CB Radio 08-08-09

This week on CB Radio, it was 80’s night as Sir Rockin and William McConnell covered the latest weird news in the world, along with taking your 80’s song requests. Then the duo took a look at some of the big things that took place in the 80’s. So check out the 80’s night edition of CB Radio!

Otaku Talk Live 08-04-09

This week on Otaku Talk Live, Omega & Spug started discussing some random topics which included the new GI Joe Movie and other geekdom discussions. Then after a call from one of the younger listeners of the program, Spug went on a rant about the current generation’s style, which led to some interesting debates and reactions from the hosts and callers of the program.

CB Radio 08-01-09

For the first episode of August, William McConnell and Sir Rockin decided to change things up and actually go by a format, well, some what of a format. As William McConnell and Sir Rockin took a look at some of the stranger stories of the week along with some back and forth interesting discussion. Plus listen in as the show comes to a hault when one caller calls in High. Check it all out on CB Radio!

Wrestle Talk Radio 08-02-09

The Cant Miss Moment arrived on this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio, as WTR Sunday Night decided to go to a new format, MMA, yes, we said MMA. Well, okay, we didnt really go MMA, but it was a fun experiment that had the chat room in disbelief.  After a while the real show kicked in and it began a whole new era in WTR History. Old Faces, New Faces, plus this old guy showed up as well, to cover the latest in WWE & TNA. So check out this all new era in WTR History, with WTR- The Cant Miss Moment.

Otaku Talk Live 07-28-09

This week’s edition of Otaku Talk Live, was the “What would you do” show. The idea of the show is that you can take any current movie or video game and change it to something you would do? Get it? It led to some interesting debate, plus CB Radio’s Will chimed in and caused some friction between Omega & Spug.

The Screening Room 07-23-09

This week The Screening Room covers the top 15 fictional weapons. Despite numerous techincal difficulties Greg and Omega manage to truck through their lists to deliver a great show. If you’ve ever wondered what Lion-o does in his spare time or which superhero should never rescue a school bus then you’ll find out here!

The Screening Room 07-16-09

Melow out to some slow tunes, it’s jazz night on The Screening Room. Included, as always, is a monologue by Greg to accompany the music. Grab your comfy chair, lean back and relax for this epsiode of TSR.