Wrestle Talk Radio 06-07-09

On this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio, The Spug Guy and The Omega discussed and recaped everything that went down at WWE Extreme Rules. From the Hog Pen Match to the Four Title Changes, it was all covered on the program. Also, The Spug Guy took some time to send out a challenge to another radio host.  So check out this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio!

Cigarette Butts & Bandanas 6-06-09

This week on CB Radio, Sir Rockin was the only host that showed up to the program and well, he decided to flip formats and take it easy, by playing some tunes. So check out the first ever Music Night, with the songs being from the Best Movie Soundtracks. So Check Out this week’s edition of CB Radio with Sir Rockin!

Across The Field 6-04-09

Thursday June 4th, The boys are back and downtrodden. We discuss the coming long off season for the Cav’s. The NBA finals and Kobe with a shot to win his first ring without Shaq. They also return to the world of Baseball and a short blast of winter with the Stanley Cup Finals. Tune into Spug and DL live each and every Thursday at 6pm Eastern right here at WildTalkRadio.com

Wrestle Talk Radio 05-31-09

This past Sunday Night on Wrestle Talk Radio, Spug & Omega covered the latest news in the WWE from the release of Mr. Kennedy, to Ric Flair’s Return to the company. Also they previewed the upcoming WWE Extreme Rules Pay Per View.

Spug & Omega were also joined by former ECW Referee Jim Molineaux to talk about his upcoming shoot DVD Release, which you can get on www.bbrownvideo.com & www.oldtimewrestling.net, along with talking about the history in ECW and the current state of the ECW Brand and more.

So Check out the latest edition of Wrestle Talk Radio with The Spug Guy & Omega.

Otaku Talk Live 06-02-09

This week on Otaku Talk Live showed the dedication of one host, as even stranded on the high way, The Spug Guy called in to Otaku Talk Live to discuss all of the latest news in the world of geekdom. This week’s show featured the Great Debates, from Star Wars vs Star Trek to Mario vs Sonic, Spug & Omega took sides and dropped some interesting knowledge, along with taking your phone calls as well. Plus they took a look at the upcoming Transformers Movie and where it stacks up against some of the bigger releases in the past. So join Omega and Spug(live from the highway) on this week’s edition of Otaku Talk Live!

Across The Field 05-28-09

Thursday May 28th, Spug and DL are back for another edition, we talk about the crucial game 5 in the Eastern Conference Finals. Friendly discussion breaks down into an all out war of words between the two. Catch Across the Field at WildTalkRadio.com every thursday at 6pm for these moments and more.

Across The Field 05-21-09

Thursday May 21st, Spug and DL are back for another week of bedlam and on air shenanigans, Spug Calls out Maike Golic, The City of Orlando and DL does his usual best to call Spug down. Tune in for this and more every thursday at 6pm eastern, right on the wild talk radio network.

Across The Field 05-14-09

Thursday May 14th, Spug and DL discuss the NBA and NHL playoffs, Spug calls out Eric Wedge for the on the field shit-fest that is cleveland baseball. Catch us Live to find out what else you’ve missed, each thursday right here on the wild talk radio network.

Otaku Talk Live 05-26-09

On this week’s edition of Otaku Talk Live, the geek universe of the WTRN learned that The Spug Guy is an avid sports fan and wears his heart on his sleeve and as the closing minutes of the Cavs-Magic game came to an end, Spug pretty much laid it all out on the table. Listen to the drama as Spug realizes that his teams hope fades away. Also on the program, Mase joined the program to help bring the show back in to the word of geekdom and the topic of Grand Theft Auto’s “The Ballad of Gay Tony” was brought up and led to some interesting discussion. Plus the crew took a look at IGN’s top 100 Comic Book Villians List. So check out this week’s dramatic edition of Otaku Talk Live.

Running The Ropes 05-25-09 The Debut Show!

This week is the debut of Running The Ropes on WTRN.  This week, Maveric invites the Spug Guy from Wrestle Talk Radio and Otaku Talk Live to talk about the fallout from Monday Night Raw, which was originally scheduled for Denver but was diverted for Los Angeles because of the NBA Playoffs.  All this and more on the only wrestling-based radio show in the San Francisco Bay Area, Running The Ropes on the Wild Talk Radio Network.