Wrestle Talk Radio 05-17-09

Once Judgment Day went off the air, Wrestle Talk Radio hit the airwaves to bring you the lowdown on everything that went down at the event. Also on the program, WTR’s Spug and a Caller got in to a bit of a heated conversation concerning the CM Punk vs Umaga match up, that turned in to one interesting debate between the two.  So check out all of the excitement on this week’s edition of Wrestle Talk Radio with Spug, Omega & Special Guest Mase.

Joe Burgett’s The Wrestling Report

With Joe Burgett unable to speak, yes it is hard to imagine Joe unable to speak, but with Joe under the weather, The Wrestling Report still went on the air with Cliff Lee & Special Host Maveric, to cover all the latest news in the world of pro wrestling. Cliff & Maveric previewed WWE Judgment Day, the state of the ECW Brand and what the future holds for some of the upcoming WWE Superstars. Check out this week’s edition of Joe Burgett’s The Wrestling Report!

The Screening Room 05-14-09

This week we discussed Star Trek the new movie. We argued about Star Trek and also debated Star Trek. Somewhere in the middle we managed to introduce our new cohost Walter. He’ll be doing summer shows with us while Max is on holiday. Wanna hear about Star Trek? or arguing? Then this is the episode for you!

Cigarette Butts & Bandanas 05-09-09

This week on the Program, Sir Rockin was joined by a variety of hosts, as The Answer William McConnell made his return to the program, along with Rob Parks and Subway. On the program, they discussed a variety of topics, which included Rob Spending 1300 Dollars, that not a type-o, Rob Spending 1300 Dollars at a strip club for his birthday, along with what it would be like to be with a contortionist or even a contortionist midget. So tune in and check out this week’s edition of Cigarette Butts & Bandanas.

Screening Room 05-07-09

Warp 7 engage! We’re talkin’ Star Trek on this week’s episode of The Screening Room. Old Trek stuff this week, new movie next week. Make sure to tune in for our season finale Thursday at 10:30 pm EST!

Otaku Talk Live 05-04-09

This week on  Otaku Talk Live, Spug & Omega took a look at some of the interesting “Fantasy Geek Wars”. The duo through out a bunch of different names and debated who would be superior in a battle between the two, sounds simple enough right? Plus on the show, all of your latest geek news in this weeks edition of Otaku Talk Live.

Joe Burgett’s The Wrestling Report 05-02-09

On this return episode of Joe Burgett’s The Wrestling Report, it was a tornado of information in the world of wrestling. In more ways in one, believe us. From what happened in this past week, to our predictions being on the money, to what we think will happen in the coming weeks in the WWE and TNA. Overall The Wrestling Report was one of the best shows on WTR this week, and is a show to not miss.

Wrestle Talk Radio 05-04-09

This week on Wrestle Talk Radio, Omega & Spug covered all of the latest news in World Wrestling Entertainment. The Duo broke down the first full week since the WWE Draft took full effect, along with previewing WWE Judgment Day and looking ahead to the future for WWE in 2009. Also WTR played some game and gave away some DVD’s courtesy of WTR Head Honcho Tim Stein.

Screening Room 04-30-09

This week on The Screening Room Greg and Max gave a solid attempt at covering reboots, revamps and reimaginings. Amidst many tangents, distractions and defining reboot they managed to cover Voltron, Thundercats and a few other things. Also included is your regular weekly fare. Some assembly required. Ages 5+

Cigarette Butts & Bandanas 05-02-09

This past Saturday Night, Sir Rockin & Big Daddy Ace welcomes the “X-Core Solider” Subway to the program. On the show, Subway relived some of his past stories from his days on the Independent Scene. Some of the stories were kinda out there, but overall enjoyable. So tune in to this week’s edition of Cigarette Butts & Bandanas.