Cigarette Butts & Bandanas 07-18-09

This week on CB Radio, Sir Rockin & William McConnell decided to introduce the WTR Network to a website called, It led to some interesting moments & conversations.  So check out all of that chatter & more, including the idea of Mexican Hockey Players in the NHL? So listen to William McConnell & Sir Rockin on this week’s edition of CB Radio.

Otaku Talk Live 07-14-09

This week’s edition of Otaku Talk Live, was the Catch up Show. Spug caught you up on his warhammer, while Omega caught you up on all the collectables he picked up at the convention. We also took your phone calls & more on this week’s edition of Otaku Talk Live.

Running The Ropes 07-13-09

Seth Green takes over RAW but Maveric and Nick talk about how his time on Raw was both a good thing and a bad thing for the WWE.  Unfortunately, Maveric explains how he once again fell asleep during WWE programming as he once again fell asleep during the middle of the show.  The Big Show is also now on Mav’s radar as his stiff shots to Evan Bourne can make him, literally, a very dangerous person to work with in the ring.  Maveric also brings out a really big conspiracy theory about TNA that’s more close to fact than fiction.  All this and more on this week’s edition of Running The Ropes on the Wild Talk Radio Network.

Screening Room 07-09-09

In yet another 3 hour long episode Greg invites Omega to join him for a countdown of the best animals in media. The lists share a few commonalities but there is quite a lot of variety to find. Listen to the end to find out who ranks number one!

Wrestle Talk Radio 07-13-09

The Evolution Continued this past sunday night on the Wild Talk Radio Network, when Wrestle Talk Radio returned to the airwaves. Topics on the show included the latest on Edge’s injury and exactly where WWE should go with the Edge Character and the tag team titles, the Raw Guest Host Angle, is it working or should a GM be put in place, The Wrestlemania Rematch, are you looking forward to it or does a change need to be made, plus more topics from the world of WWE. We took your phone calls and comments live on the show as well. Check out Wrestle Talk Radio with Omega & Will.

Cigarette Butts & Bandans 07-11-09

This week on Cigarette Butts & Bandanas, it was the, How Long Can Will Stay Up Edition. On the show, Will went on a variety of ramblings, while trying to keep himself awake for the show. Also, Sir Rockin & Will discussed the Brock Lesnar-Frank Mir Fight, with Running The Ropes Maveric. So check out this week’s edition of Cigarette Butts & Bandanas with Sir Rockin & William McConnell.

Cigarette Butts & Bandanas 07-04-09

On the Fourth of July edition of Cigarette Butts & Bandanas, Sir Rockin holds down the fort until Big Daddy Ace and William McConnell show up. When they do, things get really interesting, as Will lets out frustration and Ace, well, he shares an interesting story and how he ended up getting it on, with a midget. Check it all out on this week’s edition of Cigarette Butts & Bandanas!

Wrestle Talk Radio 07-06-09

Join those two weird accented Aussies; Mase & Nick, as they cover all things TNA. From the rise in quality in the Knockouts division, the upcoming arrival of Sarita & Spiders on The Beautiful People and their ASSets. To the lows of the Abyss character, the under booking of the roster, and the multi storylines of the Main Event Mafia(Kurt Angles attempt at an NWO). The boys were joined by CB Radio host Will, to completely derail and lower the standards of the Aussies.

Otaku Talk Live 06-30-09

This week on Otaku Talk Live,  The Spug Guy & Omega talked about a variety of subjects which included the weekly RvB update, along with their impressions of the new Transformers 2 Movie. Also Will from CB Radio joined the program as they covered Omega’s trip to Metrocon and also the subject of Scott McNeil was brought up on the program as well.  So check out this week’s edition of Otaku Talk Live with The Spug Guy and Omega.