OTL for Nov. 20: Comic to Movie, Part 1?

This week with Stage taking the week off (We’ll have all three back eventually) Spug and Omega went over the act of transferring one geek material to another media, specifically comic books and the like into movies. We assault Spider-Man 3 again, discuss rumors on #4, and trash on Mortal Kombar Anihilation and the travesty it was. There’s a lot more, comics to games, games to movies, so with the crew off for Thanksgiving will we come back to this topic again another time?

Fire On Ice Debut Show For 11/19/08

The first-ever edition of fire On Ice is now archived foryour listening pleasure! Host Tim Stein introduced the show and what he hopes it will turn out to be right off the bat before diving straight into hockey talk, beginning with a look at the previous night’s Flames/Av’s game. deserved praise was heaped on Av’s goalie Peter Budaj, who faced 51 shots on the night, while 97 shots total were directed towards the Avalanche net.
From there talk turned to goalie Miika Kiprusoff and whether he deserves to be recognized as still a great goalie or be benched for a few games, or even traded.
Talk also touched on the flu bug that ravaged the dressing room not once but twice this season, and from there to Mike Keenan and rumors of his being fired with suggestions on who could replace him.
In addition, Craig Conroy received some focus as well, with his play and possible reasons why it has been the way it has been so far this season.
And of course, The Dumb-Ass club was also introduced with the first members to be rattled off and why!
Catch the podcast now and hear what you missed live!

OTL for Nov. 14: Stage’s Video Game Night

Omega got toy collecting, Spug got miniature collecting, so tonight was the newest host’s chance to share his passion, and it’s video game night. In a largely Spug-free episode, Stage shares his opinions and favorite games, as a storytelling media, and the game series that have stood as the foundation of the industry (unlike single, more recent games like Dawn of War). It’s a two and a half hour game fest, followed by an off-topic encore with Spug.

Otaku Talk Live 11-06-08

This week on OTL, Spug, Stage & Omega talked about well, in a word, nothing. As instead of talking about a show topic, the OTL Crew basically talked about the first or second thing that popped in to their heads at times and basically let things fly on this edition of OTL. As if Seinfeld can have success with a show about nothing, so can Otaku Talk Live, so check out all of the excitement of this week’s edition of Otaku Talk Live.

Wrestle Talk Radio 11-02-08:WTR Goes Down Under

With Tim Stein taking a break, Wrestle Talk Radio handed the captain’s seat over to one of the long time listeners of the program, Nick.  Some of the subjects that Nick covered on the program included the last couple of weeks in the world of WWE and TNA Wrestling, also covered some of his dislikes with the current product as well.  Also, along with WTR Usuals, Spug & Omega, they broke down what they would do to help fix the current Wrestling Product. Listen to all of that and a bunch more on the latest of Wrestle Talk Radio.

Otaku Talk Live 10-30-08:The Halloween Show

This week’s edition of Otaku Talk Live was fitting to take place on mischief night, as Spug, Omega & Stage presented the Halloween Edition of the program. On the program, they talked about some of their favorite halloween movies along with some other Halloween Stories. The fitting part of the show as always were the Off Topic Moments, that can leave anyone speechless.  Take a listen to this weeks edition of Otaku Talk Live.

Otaku Talk Live 10-23-08:The Star Trek Edition

In what turned out to be another Four Hour Extravaganza, the crew from Otaku Talk Live, which includes new co-host Stage, ventured on to the Subject of Star Trek for this week’s edition of the program.  Covering everything from Star Trek the TV Series to the upcoming movie, the OTL crew covered it all with Special Guest Expert of Star Trek, owner of the Wild Talk Radio Network, Tim Stein. Listen to all of the Star Trek talk and all of the uncomfortable moments for one OTL Host, in this weeks edition of Otaku Talk Live.

OTL for Oct. 16th: RPG – Console vs MMO

In one corner, armed with an addiction to World of Warcraft and a chip on his shoulder named Warhammer Online, Spug defends the Massively Multiplayer Online RPG. In the opposite corner, packing a dozen Final Fantasies and hundreds of hours lost to Chrono Trigger, Omega fights for console RPGs. Moderated by guest host Stage, we hold the great role-playing video game debate! Plus lots of post-debate BS you all love. It’s an EPIC four hour Otaku Talk Live event!

Burning River Radio 10-16-08

It was a hot summers eve in Ohio… Sorry, it was just another edition of Burning River Radio live from Scorchers in Medina. On the Program tonight,  Spug talks about being caught, TK gets “Shut Out” and alot more madness erupts as the show ends abruptly. So check out the latest edition of Burning River Radio live from Scorchers in Medina.

OTL for Oct. 9th: …what was the topic again?

So we moved to 10:30pm EST on Thursday nights, and for our first show at the new time… I showed up late, and Spug showed up drunk. What came out was essentially an update show on previous topics, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, Marvel’s newest movies, and some Red vs Blue ranting. Then we got to the topic of Omega’s dislike of repetitive game design… followed by him admitting to the 40 Megaman games he’s played… that’s not a bone you give to Spug when he’s had one (several) too many.